Looking for a job while you are still working: best practices


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Looking for a job while you are still working: best practices

Do you want a career change but don't want to take the risk of quitting before finding a new job? Applying while you're still in a job can be a difficult exercise. You have to know how to juggle the two like a double agent. Organisation and good coordination are essential when carrying out this job search.






Be clear

Identify the reasons you want to leave. Difficulties in your company, seeking more responsibility, retraining, geographic mobility or simply a desire for change, be clear about it. This will help guide you in your search and get it off to a healthy start. In addition, recruiters are sure to ask you the question, be prepared to answer it.


Be discreet

It's always best to go for transparency, but if you can't talk about it with your superiors, avoid talking about it in your workplace. Don't you want the news to spread too quickly? Be discreet and only talk to people who have been through this situation and whom you trust. Indeed, your future employer may ask for references. In this case, choose a trusted colleague or a former colleague no longer in your department. You also need to be discreet on the internet. You don't know who may see your social networks. But nevertheless, think about updating them and continuing to enrich them (especially LinkedIn).

Also maintain the same attitude as before you started to search for a new position. Stay focused and involved in your work.


Arrange your search time

Do not study job postings during working hours. It risks you being distracted in both your search and your work activities. Organise search sessions in your own time at home. You can take the time to understand the ads and respond to them as best you can. This can be at the start of the day, the end of the day or at the weekend. This is the time when you must be fully devoted to your search, without your mind being occupied by the hassles of the day. If you're not comfortable working from home, choose an outdoor location like a cafe or co-working space.


Attend interviews

As with your research, organise dedicated times. Avoid being away from work to answer calls. Repeated absences will cause you to lose efficiency and concentration. Ask the recruiter for a time slot outside of your office hours or at times when it will be easier for you to be free. You will be able to devote yourself fully to it without distractions. The recruiter will understand. For physical interviews, try to arrange them in your free time whenever possible. You can also group all your interviews on the same day and take that day off (or a half-day).

Refrain from making up false excuses to be absent. You will lose credibility with your boss.


Leave on good terms

Even if you've signed a new contract, stay professional until the end of your current job. Honour your commitments. Finish the job you are paid for. Maintain good relations with your current colleagues and superiors. Be sure to leave behind a happy employer and/or customers. You never know what the future holds, it's best to maintain a good professional network. Discuss with your supervisor how best to announce your departure. Make sure you properly notify your colleagues, employees and customers, and remember to thank them for the work they have done with you.


Now you know everything about searching for a position while you're still in a job, all you have to do is get started. Update your CV and cover letter and prepare for interviews. You can also read about the pitfalls to avoid during a job interview.


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Pauline Jxxx

by Pauline Jxxx