Sectors that continue to recruit in France



Sectors that continue to recruit in France

The crisis hit hard many of national economies, but also impacted international business. Many companies are facing difficulties to retain their employees and businesses. However, few sectors continue to recruit in France despite the crisis and, what is more, are having troubles to find the right talents. And as we know - finding the best talent is crucial to develop your activity in the constantly changing world.

3 regions lead in recruitment


According to Employment Agency in France, in the second trimester of 2020 there were 413 080 new job offers in the country. We observe the highest number of offers in three regions of France: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – this region is looking for 57 400 new employees, Ile-de-France with almost 53 000 offers and Nouvelle Aquitaine with more than 47 000 vacancies.

Companies look for all type of talents in all type of sectors – from less qualified to highly qualified profiles. In the newest research done by APEC organization, the sector with the highest need in recruitment of high skilled profiles is services sector. 17% of interviewees has an intention to recruit in upcoming months.


Those sectors still in need of Talents


Administration and support services

Only in the second trimester of 2020 the number of job offers in administration has increased to almost 110 000 all around France. It is not that surprising - to face global changes each business needs the right organization.


Medical, social services and accommodation

Upcoming months will result in high demand in in the medical sector. The high request is visible in positions such as caregivers, nursing assistants and general nurses. Except of health support assistance, coronavirus crisis has brought to light the urgent problem of shortage of health specialists on the French market – all types of medical specialists are much needed from general practitioners to cardiologists.



IT companies are looking for software developers, engineers but also project managers and specialists in digital security. Digital security is becoming an urgent matter since most of the French employees has started to work from home. The number of 32 500 vacancies are waiting for the right talents to match.


R&D / pharmaceutical

Following IT, R&D and pharmaceutical sectors are in the search of engineers due to the high pressure on to change of the supply chain model and focus on European inventions and production.



Banking and financial sector are waiting for highly skilled profiles in accounting, audit and financial management with more than 38 000 job offers all around France.



In construction sector 7% of companies have indicated a need to recruit in following months which gives almost 19 000 vacancies.


The increase in number of job offers is also visible in sales – around 42 000 vacancies are waiting for the matching talents. The significant number of job offers is present in tech companies, but also in international enterprises where export specialists are demanded.


It is not a lie to say that coronavirus crisis has negatively impacted most of the business sectors in France. The drop in need of new employees has been significant. However, the truth is that without the matching talent it is even more difficult to face this global difficulty and develop your activity.

Who, if not the right people, will find the solution, will bring new ideas to overcome the problems and will make your business succeed? Are you looking for a Talent to join your team and increase your competitiveness?


Let us know what you are looking for!


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