With its new application, Decide, Anywr gives its clients an edge in recruiting top talent

With its new application, Decide, Anywr gives its clients an edge in recruiting top talent


Lille, April 30h, 2024 – Anywr Group, a French international group specializing in international recruitment and global talent mobility, is pleased to announce the general availability of its new client application, Decide, designed specifically to expedite and secure recruitment processes. At a time when the competition to attract top talent is intensifying, Anywr thus offers a new solution that simplifies and accelerates recruitment decisions through innovative features and a user-friendly interface.


A Powerful Tool for Fast Talent Recruitment

Decide enables clients to navigate the recruitment process efficiently, empowering them to make quick and informed decisions at any time and from anywhere. The app facilitates access to profiles of qualified candidates vetted by our experts and allows decision-making with a single click. Clients can access profiles and resumes of talent directly through the app and select candidates that match their search criteria.

Decide is an ideal tool for human resources professionals facing an increasingly competitive job market.

"The traditional approach of selecting and sharing candidate profiles among our recruiters and HR teams is very time-consuming, in a tight market where profiles are both rare, highly sought after, and remain available and open to recruitment for a very short time. This requires HR departments to be very reactive when a profile is available. That's why we decided to offer this new tool that allows for greater proximity and responsiveness, with notifications and rapid decision-making. This application will enable companies to not miss out on good candidates due to a lack of responsiveness," explains Mehdi Bekkai, Director of Products.


An Optimized User Experience

The app's key new features provide access to the latest Talent’s applications validated by our experts, and the receipt of real-time notifications as soon as a new profile is available.

  • Candidate flow management: simplified and direct access to applications, allowing for quick review and effective decision-making.
  • Mobile accessibility: available on iOS and Android, Decide ensures that clients can manage their recruitments at any time, wherever they are.
  • Security and confidentiality: Built with the strictest security standards, guaranteeing that all candidate data is treated with the highest level of protection.


Availability and Access

Decide is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Users can log in with their existing Anywr Manager account or create a new account directly through the app.

New updates and features will regularly enhance the application.


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Anywr is a French international group specializing in the global Talent mobility and international recruitment. The company supports businesses in the search and integration of international talent, offering a complete range of services from sourcing to settlement. Anywr has a network of over 300 consultants in 16 countries. A member of the FrenchTech 120, the group is now composed of nearly 900 employees worldwide, with 400 in France, serving the largest French and international groups. Anywr is an innovative and responsible company, committed to its communities, which puts its expertise and solutions at the service of social integration projects and diversity. ANYWR has adopted the status of a Mission-led Company (Loi Pacte) since June 2021.

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