HR in Africa : When AI enhances human interactions and relationships


Marion Breyer

HR in Africa : When AI enhances human interactions and relationships

Wasquehal, August 8th 2023. In the dynamic context of recruitment in Africa, artificial intelligence (AI) is opening up exciting new perspectives. While AI is often perceived as an automated tool, it actually acts as a powerful trigger for meetings, co-optation and human relations within the recruitment process.


A Matter of Encounters and Human Relationships

Africa is characterized by its close-knit social and professional fabric, where encounters and human relationships play a predominant role. Co-optation, or recommendation by a close friend or colleague, is commonplace in the hiring process. These ties forged over time are essential for building trust and finding talent that perfectly matches the spirit of the company.

These practices continue to prove their effectiveness, making recruitment in Africa a subtle art, where professional encounters form a network of opportunities and success.


Developing and Formalizing Human Relations with AI

In this context, AI acts as a valuable ally, reinforcing these human encounters and relationships, without replacing them. It facilitates the formalization of these interactions by taking over all the preparatory and administrative work involved in headhunting. AI-powered chatbots and conversational agents can answer candidates' questions, sort CVs and schedule interviews, enabling recruiters to devote themselves fully to meeting and evaluating candidates on a human level.

AI thus helps to formalize these professional encounters and relationships, while leaving room for human expertise. Online platforms, supported by AI, facilitate matchmaking between recruiters and candidates, enabling companies to discover qualified profiles that match their corporate values and culture.



A Promising Future for Recruitment in Africa

Innovations arising from the development of AI enable recruiters to play the role of true

By combining human know-how with the efficiency of AI, recruitment in Africa is entering a promising new era. This hybrid approach combines the power of innovative technologies with the richness of human relations, creating a dynamic and balanced HR ecosystem.


A delicate balance: beware of the dangers!

If all the first stages of a recruitment process are eliminated, training new recruiters will be a real challenge in the future: how can we train experienced recruiters if students and juniors don't do any of the basic, recurring tasks that are supposed to be the cornerstone of their training?

In addition, the issue of personal data management and protection quickly comes to the fore, because when you're dealing with thousands of pieces of data, it's legitimate to ask how and with what protection they are protected. Is it only used for known purposes, or is it only accessible by AI and not elsewhere? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered if we are to develop recruitment processes that are sustainable over time.

To find out more, we invite you to watch the replay of a webinar produced by Anywr last June: "AI and its impact on recruitment in Africa".


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