Generation Alpha: understanding, anticipating, adapting

Generation Alpha: understanding, anticipating, adapting


Wasquehal, December 5th, 2023. As Generation Z takes its first steps into the world of work, we're already looking ahead to those who will follow: Generation Alpha. Although these young people have not yet entered the world of work, anticipating their unique characteristics is crucial. With this in mind, it's time to take a leap into the future of work shaped by these digital natives born after 2010.



With an estimated 2 to 3 billion individuals, Generation Alpha, born after 2010, is paving the way for a revolution in the world of work, introducing unique dynamics and an innovative approach.


Digital nativity

Born in the 21st century, Generation Alpha is the first to have been exposed to digital technologies from birth. Smartphones, tablets and easy access to the Internet are an integral part of their daily lives.

As soon as they enter the professional world, Alphas will demonstrate a mastery of digital codes, using them as tools of expression and creation rather than mere consumers. Their natural penchant for collaboration, shaped by video games and social networks, foreshadows a more collective approach to work.


Values focused on diversity and inclusion

Generation Alpha has a naturally global outlook. HR needs to prepare for a future focus on diverse and inclusive teams. Companies that actively promote diversity will have an edge in the competition to attract the best talent from this generation.

Employers will have to reconsider their recruitment methods by assessing Alphas in groups for specific assignments, a departure from traditional individual employment contracts. Their constant evaluation of interactions on social networks will influence the way they perceive and value their contribution to a company.


Environmental concerns

Raised amid growing concerns about the environment, members of Generation Alpha are often sensitive to ecological issues. Companies integrating sustainable and responsible practices can attract these future professionals concerned with social impact.

Guided by an innate defiance, exceptional creativity fueled by an abundance of information, and a capacity for viral engagement with the causes they care about, Generation Alpha in the workplace promises significant transformation.


Expertise in technology

Members of Generation Alpha are developing technological skills from an early age. HR will need to adapt to a workforce that can bring a natural understanding of emerging technologies, offering opportunities for innovation and rapid adoption of new solutions.

Monetizing the value of Alphas will be based on their skills acquired at school and their involvement in communities, offering a perspective on work that transcends established norms. Some, as young as 12, are showing off their cutting-edge "AI training" skills on specialized platforms, while others, already present on LinkedIn, are actively seeking professional opportunities.


This generation, if it confirms its creativity and sensitivity, promises to shake up the conventions of the job market. Companies will need to adjust their practices to accommodate their propensity to work in communities, collaborate seamlessly and integrate digital tools as natural extensions of their professional environment. Alphas are the catalysts of a new era in the world of work, where innovation, creativity and social connectivity will be the keys to professional success.


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