Managing stress and emotions related to mobility​​

Managing stress and emotions related to mobility​​

Details of the training

image_Managing stress and emotions related to mobility​​
Managing stress and emotions related to mobility​​
4 to 8 participants
Online training
Duration: 7 hours (1 day)
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900 € excl. tax per person, excluding individual interview
Video-conference training, adapted to people with disabilities
Access time after registration: 1 month.
Alternative theoretical and practical means with case studies and analysis tools.
Evaluation: tests and quizzes throughout the training
In-company training: contact us

General aim of the training

Being able to face any situation with hindsight and relativity


 Defining stress and understanding its mechanisms

  • From an initial personal evaluation:

    • Defining and understanding the mechanisms of negative / positive stress
    • Analysing and assessing your own stress
    • Understanding the different types of stress

 Identifying the symptoms and the causes of stress and emotions

  • Understanding the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)
  • Identifying stress reactions on a physiological, psychological and behavioural level
  • Analysing stress in the professional and personal environment

Improving your attitude and using your stress in a positive way

  • What is the emotional quotient? Understanding your own emotions
  • Completing your own functional analysis and identifying your own « stressors »
  • Adopting the anti-stress strategy whatever the situation

Developing your own anti-stress strategy through anchoring and visualisation techniques

  • Being aware of your own behaviour
  • Teaching yourself to practice anchoring exercises
  • Practicing positive visualisation
  • Adopting the refocussing break

Putting in place a personalised action plan

Target audience



No degree or certificate required