Strategy for managing jobs and skills​​

Strategy for managing jobs and skills​​

Details of the training

image_Strategy for managing jobs and skills​​
Strategy for managing jobs and skills​​
4 to 8 participants
Online training
Duration: 7 hours (1 day)
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900 € excl. tax per person, excluding individual interview
Video-conference training, adapted to people with disabilities
Access time after registration: 1 month.
Alternative theoretical and practical means with case studies and analysis tools.
Evaluation: tests and quizzes throughout the training
In-company training: contact us

General aim of the training 

To take part in the definition of strategical action plans

To suggest and to implement orientations within different services

To follow up on activities, to control results, to complete service activity reporting

To supervise operational managers

To manage human and financial means, and to optimise their use



Compulsory themes of the triennial negotiation

  • GPEC (Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et Compétences = forward looking employment and skills management programme) scheme, internal and external mobility of the company
  • Main three-year training trends
  • Conditions of use of subcontractors
  • Conditions of use of special contracts
  • Career path of union delegates

Analysis tools

  • Age pyramid, gender distribution, disabled employees, number of work-study contracts, social audit of the company, talent review

Positioning tools

  • Activity interview, professional interview, interview after a prolonged leave of absence
  • Carrier progression consulting, skills assessment

Security tools

  • Mapping of activities, job repositories, skill repositories, certification, qualification

Evaluation tools

  • of satisfaction, achievements, skills

Validation tools

  • Validation of acquired experience, 6-year assessment

The competency development plan and formulation the GPEC strategy



Functional managers, executive management, senior executives, management committee, steering committee