Mastering soft skills for effective management​​

Mastering soft skills for effective management​​

Details of the training

image_Mastering soft skills for effective management​​
Mastering soft skills for effective management​​
4 to 8 participants
Online training
Duration: 14 hours (2 days)
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1200 € excl. tax per person
Video-conference training, adapted to people with disabilities
Access time after registration: 1 month.
Alternative theoretical and practical means with case studies and analysis tools.
Evaluation: tests and quizzes throughout the training
In-company training: contact us

General aim of the training

To identify the soft skills which need to be developed in operational management

To know how to communicate appropriately so as to maintain motivation within your team

To analyser current communication in order to put in place a personalised action plan




The necessary soft skills of the operational manager

  • To know when to let go and to trust (delegation tool sheet)
  • How to manage and redefine (behaviour on the verge of being unacceptable, your mechanisms and interviews about concerning cases)
  • To know how to become organised in your work (co-development with the DMCA protocol – Describe, create a Model, build together et Apply/ Eisenhower matrix)
  • To be credible and inspiring (reminder about managerial requirements and amplitude)
  • To know how to give constructive feedback (case study with methodology)

The operational manager communication

  • Storytelling of communication bases (communication and its components)
  • The challenges of communication (Informative, normative, relational, positioning, of influence)
  • The different types of communication (interpersonal, group, external, internal) and your part
  • To know how to make clear requests (the methodology of direct requests)
  • To conduct identification interviews (sonar message, positive active listening, interview methodology)


Analysis of your communication

  • Use of a personalised SOAR-type analysis tool
  • Sharing and co-construction of a personalised action and support plan


Motivation of my team

  • Motivation storytelling (From Marlow’s theory of needs to Adams’ theory of equity)
  • The drivers (REX co-development - REX = experience feedback)



Operational manager.



No degree or certificate required

To have a minimum awareness of management.