Leading multicultural teams​​

Leading multicultural teams​​

Details of the training

image_Leading multicultural teams​​
Leading multicultural teams​​
4 to 8 participants
Online training
Duration: 7 hours (1 day)
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900 € excl. tax per person, excluding individual interview
Video-conference training, adapted to people with disabilities
Access time after registration: 1 month.
Alternative theoretical and practical means with case studies and analysis tools.
Evaluation: tests and quizzes throughout the training
In-company training: contact us

General aim of the training

To learn how to take the floor and to coordinate and lead your team

To know how to use the appropriate tools according to the purpose of the meeting

To know how to manage your team by mastering the conflict resolution tools




Teams’ coordination

  • To speak in front of your team (my posture and my body language– Mehrabian’s law)
  • To learn how to coordinate and lead your team (Methodology for how to conduct a meeting: objective, progression, support, animation techniques)
  • Animation tools (focus on retrospective tools: start/stop starfish – Observation method, feelings, Interpretations, and decisions – the quadrant – the speed boat)



Training feedback and training evaluation

  • The “basis of management” quiz - approximately 30 questions




Operational manager.




No degree or certificate required.

To have at least some level of awareness about management.