Communication for Managers in an intercultural context​

Communication for Managers in an intercultural context​

Details of the training

image_Communication for Managers in an intercultural context​
Communication for Managers in an intercultural context​
4 to 8 participants
Online training
Duration: 14 hours (2 days)
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1200 € excl. tax per person
Video-conference training, adapted to people with disabilities
Access time after registration: 1 month.
Alternative theoretical and practical means with case studies and analysis tools.
Evaluation: tests and quizzes throughout the training
In-company training: contact us

General aim of the Personnalised support and training

To define the basis of corporate communication and to understand the goals of the project communication

To practice how to put in place the project communication plan and to practice daily animation

To understand how your team operates to unite it better around a project

To become aware of your way of operating and to develop your leadership


Project management communication: how to communicate about a company project?

  • Corporate communication: methodology for analysis, reflection, and action
  • Internal project communication: targets, project team, project meeting: methodology & tools – technical meetings, site meetings, internal meetings, meeting, project meeting minutes
  • External project communication: targets, corporate communication, institutional communication

Project communication plan

  • Phase 1: Preparation of the project
  • Phase 2: Implementation of the project
  • Phase 3: Project monitoring
  • For the three phases: define the objectives, action, starting date, target group, message, media, issuer, frequency, material, and leader of the communication

The soft skills of the functional manager: how to federate your team around a company project?

  • The fundamentals: clarification of the common project, creation of the synergy within the team, respect of social climate, orientation towards action, feedback culture, daily animation
  • To develop your sense of leadership: taking initiatives: the steps of the decision-making process and the decision support tools, identifying and showcase everyone’s talent within the group: TalentReview, collaboration and delegation, motivating and recognising the work of your collaborators: motivations and awareness, becoming a visionary leader: Anticipation, resilience, and acceptance
  • Analysis and personalised action plan: Beck’s column and self-confidence: analysis of problematic situations, linked emotions, automatic thoughts, alternative thoughts which allow a conscious implementation of leadership, anchoring of self-confidence: positive anchoring which allows to quickly regain the internal status of a leader.

Targeted audience:

Functional managers, general direction, senior executives, executive management committee, steering committee


No degree or certificate required.