Use social networks to boost your professional network


Joséphine Depoitte

Use social networks to boost your professional network

Using social networks to boost your professional network has become a reflex for many professionals. A wealth of tips and instructions for getting started are readily available for all platforms. What mistakes should you avoid on social networks to build your professional network effectively?






Signing up for multiple platforms without understanding their uses.

Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Instagram, Viadeo, Wizzbi... There are dozens of platforms. The first mistake to avoid is registering on all these social networks. It is better to use one or two networks because maintaining multiple profiles requires a clear understanding of their use and is also extremely time-consuming. For optimal visibility, your profile must be complete and should follow a number of good practices.


  • Avoid using holiday photos or ID photos.
  • Be sure to fill in all the available fields.
  • Make sure that personal data is not accessible to anyone.
  • If you forget your password, don't just create a second profile, procedures exist for resetting it!

Avoid spamming others and claiming to be an expert.

Once launched, it is normal to feel the desire to express one's presence! But it is not very useful initially. Why not? Because first, you need to build up your professional network, so issue some invitations, and why not write a message explaining your motivation. Once the first "pool" is established, your first posts will be much more visible and can be shared and passed on.


For a successful first post:

  • Distinguish between # and @.
  • Don't drown your message in hashtags; use only the most powerful ones.
  • Avoid spamming others by constantly tagging them.
  • Express yourself on two or three key themes, carefully chosen beforehand.

One common mistake to avoid: giving your opinion on everything. It is better to say something that adds real value and offers a solution. Inviting an expert from your professional network to speak on a subject you know well also allows you to post in a relevant way. In any case, choosing one or two favourite subjects allows you to show your expertise and experience.


Focus on vocal communication and the new audio-based Clubhouse.

In 2021, to boost your professional network, voice communication is the way to go! Make way for Clubhouse (unfortunately, we don't have an invitation to share with you) or Twitter Spaces; these networks seem highly relevant for professionals. Through rooms and voice, users can express themselves on many subjects around startups, technologies or politics.


The podcast is also a new format. It has been around for a few years now, but it is open to all and adapts very well to social networks!


Joséphine Depoitte

by Joséphine Depoitte