Summer applications – seize the opportunity!


Valentine Carton

Summer applications – seize the opportunity!

With summer now upon us, this is a chance for many of us to take a holiday. But for some, it presents another opportunity.




While recruitment may be slow at this time, it does not stop altogether. “A lot of people say they will start looking in September when they're back from holiday, because psychologically it's a lot like going back to school", explains Mathilde Dailliez, Talent Acquisition & Development Manager at Cooptalis. "September is when they check back in mentally, so they shelve everything in the meantime. Many candidates still adopt this attitude, even though any vacancies that were open before July-August and had gone live as far back as April, May or June, have not been filled and are still available."
As well as that, the notion that recruiters are unavailable during the summer is not true at all. "In recruitment, there is usually someone on hand to process applications while the recruiter is on holiday. No one wants to miss out on a good candidate. We try to be responsive when we can."
So take advantage of this quiet time to find your new position!

Summer applications – advantages 

You'll stand out

As already mentioned, most candidates will be focused on their holidays and won't be thinking of starting their search before September. However, companies still continue with their recruitment. “This is a window of opportunity for someone to submit their application at a time when the recruiter won't be receiving 20 applications in a single morning.” You will face less competition and your application won't get lost in the pile. Your application has more chance of being read because it won't be buried under a stack of others.


Recruiters can give more time to your application

Summer is generally a quiet period. Because of this, a recruiter will have more time for your application and be more relaxed when reading over it. Mathilde attests to this. "Our inbox isn't as full, so it's easier for us to take an interest in an application, or even give a candidate a call."


Summer is often a time when vacancies come up

"It is often a time of year when candidates want to make a change because, again, in their mind, they start back again in September. At Cooptalis, we have never had as many requests for skills evaluations, or to change positions, or even people who are considering a different occupation altogether.“ Employees tend to take advantage of the summer period to finalise a change of career so that they can fully enjoy their break before starting in a new line of work. The timing is ideal.


You will be up and running in September

If you are recruited in the summer, you will be able to start at the beginning of September – a great way for employers to return to work with peace of mind and a full complement of staff.
"Again, the psychology around starting back in September also applies to businesses. Companies often make a point of recruiting for September. New recruits should arrive for the first half of September. As there will be some scheduled inductions and all managers will be back at work, it will be easier for new recruits to integrate into the group."


Our tips for applying in summer

Be original and spontaneous

Recruiters will have more time to spend on your application. So it is worthwhile to focus on this, even if the company is not hiring. Also consider making contact via LinkedIn or composing a cover letter in an emailThis is a chance to grab a recruiter's attention and reach the person who reads your cover letter, as well as make them want to contact you or recommend you to a colleague who is looking for someone.


Feel free to send reminders

Recruiters may be on holiday when you send your application, so don't hesitate to send a reminder at the start of September if you don't get a response. This will prevent your application from getting lost in a long list of unread emails on their return. The first application is a chance to make a good impression, while a reminder reaffirms your motivation and commitment. This can sometimes make the difference between two candidates. You can also call to confirm that your application was received and establish more personal contact. At this quiet time, recruiters will have more time for you.


Remain available

Even if you do go on holiday, this is not a time to cut off all contact. Make sure you can be contacted at all times by email or telephone. If you are unavailable to attend an interview in person, suggest a remote or telephone interview and schedule an appointment for when you return. Remember to bring all essential equipment, such as a computer with internet connection, telephone and tablet.


Don't lose your edge

Of course, the summer can be a more relaxed time, but that doesn't mean you should unwind completely. Don't let a well-crafted CV and cover letter fall by the wayside. At the interview, dress and behave professionally. It is important to present a positive image of yourself and your work at all times.
"Recruiters don't know who lies behind an application if they haven't had a physical conversation with the candidate. Candidates should remain highly professional at all stages of the recruitment process, including when physically introducing themselves, and avoid using overly informal language. Professionalism is paramount at any time of year.”




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Valentine Carton

by Valentine Carton