As expatriates in Canada, Montréal is the perfect place to grow


Sophie Lavergne

As expatriates in Canada, Montréal is the perfect place to grow

Montréal, the hub of major agency headquarters, enjoys an international reputation for integration and attractiveness: its multiculturality, economic dynamism, active recruitment policy and social mix are all assets for attracting talent from all over the world and seeing them flourish in the metropolis.


Economic dynamism and inclusive corporate culture

The region's economic dynamism offers many opportunities for businesses and talent around the world. In 2021, immigration accounted for more than 90% of the growth of the labor force, strengthening its economic growth. With a diverse population and vibrant culture, the city is the rendezvous point for more than 75 different languages. For years, it has accompanied a record number of international businesses and workers who have chosen to settle in the metropolis. With local expertise and customized relocation services, Montréal is there to facilitate the settlement and integration of newcomers. In an active and dynamic market with real growth of 3.6%, foreign investment and job creation are increasing, making the Montréal region a home for expatriates.


Its proximity to the United States makes the region a strategic gateway for companies seeking to expand their reach in North America and reach new markets. With its highly skilled and diverse workforce, Montréal is an economic center that attracts many expatriates. The region's inclusive corporate culture is at the heart of this global strategy. Isabelle VINEAULT, Director of Relocation Canada at Anywr, noted the significant presence of "many different statuses (refugees) and types of immigration in the metropolis that make it a beautiful diversity." With a constantly growing labor market, international talent can find jobs in a variety of sectors and skill levels.


Montréal, therefore, offers many professional perspectives, regardless of nationality. Many individuals come to Canada because they are looking for this open-mindedness. It is a direct entry ticket to the Canadian employment market for newcomers.



Culture of career changing and mulcuturalism

The culture of "change of track" is part of the morality of the Montréal region. Pierre-Franck HONORIN, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Anywr, explains the importance of fostering the individual more than the subject: "It's not bad to go back to school, and start another career." « People have the right to be happy in what they do," he adds. In some countries, individuals are forced to follow one path rather than another, but Montreal offers some free will in choosing which studies to pursue. The number of jobs offered is monumental in the region. With a hyper-growing labor market, the metropolis opens the door for newcomers looking for careers.


The core of Montreal's hospitality policy is to provide the Talents international with quality professional development. In Montreal, career change for talent is possible. The region offers many opportunities in terms of work and quality of life:



  • Putting everyone at the same level and having the opportunity to rise in the professional world are an integral part of the business standards of the region. It's not about "going through your professional career, but about making it happen," as Pierre-Franck HONORIN said. In many Montreal organizations, the focus is on developing the skills of Talents around the world.


  • Finding a meaning for their work is a priority for many individuals. As a result, many companies in Montréal focus on hiring new Talents to give them the opportunity to make themselves professional. Montréal is recognized for this specificity to provide employees with a balance between personal and professional life.



For years, it has been home to people from all over the world: 120 cultural communities (Portuguese, Chinese, Italian) have integrated it into the international market. And that is Montreal's strength: multiculturalism. Any newcomer who does not fully master French, for example, and who wishes to move to Montreal, can benefit from support to facilitate his or her professional integration. Many organizations and associations are present in the region in order to overcome integration difficulties.




With more than 56,000 expatriates in Montréal, the region without borders is thus putting on an economic market centered on sharing culture. Being a welcoming city is part of Montreal's heritage. Its multiculturalism offers a sense of belonging and an international career for newcomers. Coming to Montréal is a guarantee of real expertise, complete support to settle in the best possible way. Integration requires an immersion in the cultural and professional environment: everything is done to ensure the full development of Talent from around the world.

Sophie Lavergne

by Sophie Lavergne