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Doctor / Pharmacist Biologist (29)

Doctor / Pharmacist Biologist (29)

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Doctor / Pharmacist Biologist (29)
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée



As part of its development, our partner is looking for a Doctor / Pharmacist Biologist to practice in Finistère.
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A comprehensive and sustainable proposal, and to foster integration and support involvement.



We offer attractive fees from the start of your career and we support your progression within the group.

If you wish to take on additional cross-functional tasks or responsibilities within the SELAS, we will also adapt your fees accordingly.

Activity time

You will work as a biologist for a number of days defined in accordance with your expectations and our needs, with the possibility of part-time work.


You will be a partner in the SELAS. This means that you will take part in all decisions taken at the General Meeting.

We prefer the liberal status.

Are you not familiar with this status? We will provide you with our documentation and our internal services to facilitate all your procedures.


At the beginning of the collaboration, we will identify a "tutor" colleague within the SELAS to accompany you and facilitate your integration. You will also benefit from the training modules necessary for an efficient start.

If you take responsibility for a site, you will have the opportunity to take part in the "Manager's Course", a tailor-made internal training programme (management, finance, regulatory and legal, continuous improvement, quality, IT, etc.). You will meet support teams and colleagues and, while sharing your experiences, you will develop your transversal skills.


If you join us from another region, we will take care of all or part of your moving expenses. You can also benefit from site visits in advance.


You have a doctorate in pharmacy or medicine + DES in medical biology or equivalent (CES).

You want to work in a multicultural environment, on a human scale, while benefiting from the support of a group focused on innovation and excellence.
Dynamic, you have a keen sense of patient service, you like to take up challenges, you are a force of proposal with the will to make the organisation progress, you like to federate and take your team with you.

Do you recognise yourself in this brief description? Then join us and come and develop your talents and expertise in our laboratories!

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With more than 800 laboratories in 50 countries and approximately 50,000 employees, the Clinical Diagnostics Division is one of the world's leading providers of bioanalytical services and contributes to the well-being and health of all people by providing high quality testing and consulting services to its patients.
The group is made up of 12 laboratories on more than 210 sites in mainland France and French Guiana. We are constantly developing and today we carry out analyses for more than 22,000 patients every day, thanks to our 250 biologists and more than 2,200 employees.


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