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Physician / Pharmacist Biologist Chairman ( 31) Toulouse

Physician / Pharmacist Biologist Chairman ( 31) Toulouse

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Physician / Pharmacist Biologist Chairman ( 31) Toulouse
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée



As part of its development, our partner is recruiting a Doctor / Pharmacist President General Manager to work in Toulouse (31)


To ensure the quality of the laboratory services and the satisfaction of patients, prescribers and local correspondents.
- To carry out, interpret, deliver and provide advice on medical biology examinations (biochemistry, haematology and microbiology).
- To contribute to the deployment of a local service for patients, prescribers and health care institutions.
- Editing and interpreting statistics for your sector in order to guarantee the consistency of the quality of analyses.
- Managing a dozen employees: organising the activity, assisting with training, coaching and motivating employees.
- Define the relevant indicators to monitor the activity and ensure scientific and technological watch.
- Actively participate in the development, implementation and improvement of the laboratory's quality system.
- Manage the budget, assess turnover and ensure the development of the laboratory.
- To act as a relay and representative of the laboratory to the company.
- Participate in the French/strategic management committees and telephone calls with the company.
- Establishing and managing schedules; Working in conjunction with the HR department.
- Participate in meetings organised by the profession and in transversal missions.


You are a doctor or a pharmacist biologist and have a DES in Medical Biology or an equivalence (CES).
You are known for your interpersonal skills (partners, employees, prescribers, etc.) and your team spirit (willingness to invest in the management of a group). An interest in parallel missions will be appreciated (Human Resources, Quality, Innovation...)
The position is open to junior profiles, training for the position will be provided.
Statut TNS
1 evening/night duty approximately every 2 weeks
1 weekend on-call every 5 weeks (nights, Sundays and public holidays of 2 clinics - maternity unit and emergency room)
Travel to the 10 sites to be planned

Physician / Pharmacist Biologist President and CEO in Toulouse (31)

You will be joining a network that has the best technical, scientific and medical skills, very high-tech equipment and all the logistical and IT tools needed to carry out thousands of extremely varied analyses every day with impeccable speed and reliability. This will enable you to deal with a wide range of diagnoses such as general and specialised biochemistry, haematology or microbiology.


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