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Occupational physician M/F- (95) (78) (75)

Occupational physician M/F- (95) (78) (75)

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Occupational physician M/F- (95) (78) (75)
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As part of its development, our partner is currently recruiting Occupational Doctors M/F for its structure located in val d'Oise, Paris, Hauts de Seine, Essonne.


The occupational physician advises company managers and employees in all areas of occupational health, including

  • prevention of occupational risks and work-related health problems
  • improving working and living conditions in the company
  • adaptation of jobs, techniques and work patterns
  • the organisation of emergency services and the general hygiene of the company


Profile of an Occupational Physician registered with the French Medical Association or registrable with the Association.

Full or part-time

Ideally French Level B2

The Physician should preferably be comfortable in project work contexts, managing teams, and be comfortable with teamwork

Today, the institution has 80 employees, including :

  • 29 occupational physicians, collaborating physicians, internal physicians
  • 5 occupational health nurses
  • 1 multidisciplinary team with expertise in occupational risk prevention: a team made up of ergonomists, health and safety specialists, occupational risk assessment specialists, an occupational psychologist, occupational health assistants and social workers
  • 31 technical and administrative professionals assisting health professionals

...serving 5,587 member companies with 76,984 employees supervised.

Companies and employers of all kinds located in the Val d'Oise department (95), 9 municipalities in the Yvelines department (78) and 3 municipalities in the Seine-Saint-Denis department (93) can benefit from our services.

9 centres are available on :

  • the whole of the Val d'Oise department (95),
  • 9 municipalities in Yvelines (78) Houilles, Carrières sur Seine, Sartrouville, Maisons-Laffitte, Mesnil le Roi, Le Pecq, Achères, Montesson, Conflans Sainte-Honorine,
  • 3 municipalities in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis (93) Villepinte, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Tremblay-en-France.


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