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Doctor / Pharmacist Biologist Laboratory Manager (63)

Doctor / Pharmacist Biologist Laboratory Manager (63)

Job Details

Doctor / Pharmacist Biologist Laboratory Manager (63)
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée



As part of its development our partner is recruiting a Doctor / Pharmacist Biologist M/F
Position(s) to be filled : 2
City (County No.) Clermont-Ferrand (63100), Chamalières (63400), Ceyrat (63122), Gerzat (63360), Pont du Château (63430) and Billom (63160)


As Head Biologist you will report to the President of the SELAS and will be part of a team of 45 employees and 8 biologists.

You will be responsible for 7 sites including 1 technical platform (on call), located in 63. The activity will be shared between the pre-post and the technical platform (including a bacteriology service - approximately 650 files per day for all sites combined).

You will be required to participate in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease by carrying out medical tests or having them carried out under your responsibility and interpreting them.

Tasks :

  • To ensure the quality of the laboratory services and the satisfaction of patients, prescribers and local correspondents.
  • To carry out, interpret, deliver and provide advice on medical biology examinations (biochemistry, haematology and microbiology).
  • To contribute to the deployment of a local service for patients, prescribers and health care institutions.
  • Editing and interpreting statistics for your sector in order to guarantee the consistency of the quality of analyses.
  • Managing a dozen employees: organising the activity, assisting with training, coaching and motivating employees.
  • Define the relevant indicators to monitor the activity and ensure scientific and technological watch.
  • Actively participate in the development, implementation and improvement of the laboratory's quality system.
  • To act as a relay and representative of the laboratory to the company.
  • Participate in the French/strategic management committees and telephone calls with the company.
  • Establishing and managing schedules; Working in conjunction with the HR department.
  • Participate in meetings organised by the profession and in transversal missions.


You are pharmacist or doctor with a DES in medical biology registered in France as a medical biologist with the Order of Physicians or Pharmacists

You want to join a laboratory whose mission is to bring out the best in everyone by daring to innovate and make a difference, all the while putting yourself in the shoes of our patients

You believe in putting the patient and client at the heart of all your treatment decisions

Statut TNS

The European leader in medical diagnostics is present in 17 countries around the world and is distinguished by growth and innovation.

Specialists in medical biology, genetics and anatomopathology, our 2,300 employees and 150 medical analysis laboratories, spread throughout France, support our partners in health establishments: hospitals, clinics and EPHAD .... with the aim of constantly improving the care of their patients.

Equipped with state-of-the-art analysis technology and a strong medical force, the actions are part of a strong corporate culture, "Care big", which places the human being at the heart of all therapeutic decisions and cares about its employees.


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