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Doctor/Pharmacist Biologist (M/F) Caen

Doctor/Pharmacist Biologist (M/F) Caen

Job Details

Doctor/Pharmacist Biologist (M/F) Caen
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée


As a key player in the laboratory, you will have a major role in patient care and ensure the coordination of medical and technical activities. In this capacity, you will ensure :

  • The performance and/or control of medical biology procedures
  • An advisory role for patients and prescribers in the interpretation of results and the choice of prescriptions.
  • Compliance with the quality process in all pre-analytical and analytical phases.
  • The management and coordination of teams in one or more laboratories. You will be in contact with all support functions.
  • Developing relationships with health institutions and health professionals. You will also be in contact with health and regulatory authorities and may participate in networks and scientific committees.



TNS - Self-employed

Working time

Full time

Location of the post

Europe, France, Normandy, Caen


The ideal candidate :

Doctor or pharmacist with a specialisation in medical biology, wishing to join a multi-skilled management position.

You will enjoy working with us for :

The pride of belonging to a huge network of laboratories that are helping to improve the health of millions of patients around the world.

Access to numerous benefits within the group

  • Career prospects and development within an international group
  • A strengthened training offer thanks to our corporate university

Joining the Labo also means joining a company dynamic that encourages initiative, innovation and commitment from our teams through the Group's values:


We promote an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage initiative throughout our activities to dare and explore new ways to advance diagnosis.


We act with the utmost rigour to improve the quality of our services, and develop the men and women of the company to obtain the best from each of them for the benefit of all.


We treat each individual with kindness and cultivate respect in our relationships with our teams, partners, health professionals and patients for whom we work on a daily basis.


We are committed to providing physicians, patients, and our industrial and institutional partners with accurate and useful results to improve the health of everyone.

You will benefit from 7 weeks of planned absence per year.

In addition :

  • Provision of a professional PC, professional mobile phone.
  • Payment of the registration to the order.

Details on shifts, on-call duty and on-call duty:

* Vacancies :

- A shift is defined as half a day of actual work.

- Two consecutive shifts must start during the opening hours of the laboratory and end during the closing hours of the laboratory.

* Astreintes :

- On-call duty is an integral part of the medical biologist's duties and the amount of fees proposed takes this into account. These are not shifts, but simply the availability of the medical biologist over a defined period.

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