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Occupational physician

Occupational physician

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Occupational physician
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée


We are looking for a A qualified occupational physician who appreciates working in a multidisciplinary environment and in a network and who has, if possible, already worked in an inter-company health service.

A doctor who wishes to participate in the promotion of health and the development of a culture of prevention in order to foster lifelong employability, well-being at work and company performance.

A doctor who likes to work in the field, in dialogue, in proximity. We are offering a full-time position for 3 days in Libourne and one and a half days of consultation + one third of the time to go to companies in the Lalande de Fronsac area. The doctor will work in a trio (doctor/assistant/nurse) for a workforce of between 5 and 6,000 employees.


We offer a pleasant working environment and a friendly working group. A quality of life in the Libourne area, 40 minutes from Bordeaux; A conventional salary with experience taken into consideration.

Depending on the experience of the occupational physician, the salary varies between 83 and 90,000 euros gross per year.

A profit-sharing bonus of approximately one month's salary is paid after one year's service in June of each year.

luncheon vouchers worth 10 euros with 4.5 euros to be paid by the employee

Holiday vouchers, gift vouchers for Christmas

We work 37 hours a week, which means that we work 5-day weeks and 4-day weeks (one Friday out of two is not worked). We offer 6 weeks of paid holidays and 12 days of paid leave (6 employers are usually forced to work on bridges and 6 are left to the employee).

We have a room for coffee and lunch.

We have service vehicles that allow us to travel to the annexes or companies.

The construction of an extension to our headquarters will enable us to install a sports hall for the employees.


Occupational physician registered with the Ordre des Médecins in France

The Inter-company Occupational Health Service is made up of multi-disciplinary skills that work to promote prevention in companies. The team, led and coordinated by the occupational physician, aims to support and advise companies in the identification and prevention of occupational risks, through a global approach, both individual and collective, targeted and adapted.

Our professionals are present in the field and listen to employers and their employees . Their complementarity makes it possible to provide coherent and relevant responses, depending on the situation, to health and safety problems within the company, depending on the business and the risks.

  • The collaboration of a medical assistant and a nurse on duty
  • 12 days of RTT per year
  • 30 days paid holiday
  • Every second Friday not worked
  • A mutual insurance and provident fund (the mutual insurance is covered by the employer at 50%)
  • Training courses and conference days
  • Full payment of the membership fee to the Ordre des Médecins
  • A profit-sharing agreement corresponding to approximately one month's salary
  • A meal ticket worth 10 euros, with the employer paying 5.5 euros
  • Holiday vouchers
  • From kdo cheques


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