Full Stack Art Engineer - DeepTech f/h

Full Stack Art Engineer - DeepTech f/h

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Full Stack Art Engineer - DeepTech f/h
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée


Our client is a deep-tech company whose mission is to contribute to individual well-being by influencing the emotional states of the user in real time.

Through its innovative technology, this start-up allows web 2.0 and web 3.0 brands to

create hyper-personalised digital experiences (music, gaming, art, etc.).

Thanks to a fast growing business, this start-up is evolving in 2023 in scale-up mode and is looking to recruit a Full Stack Art Engineer - DeepTech f/h.

An innovative, creative and friendly environment awaits you!

This position is available in Compiègne as a hybrid.


As a Full Stack Development Engineer, ideally with a strong front-end background, you will be responsible for the development of applications based on our technology in the field of art.

Together with the other members of the technical team, you will create, drive and adjust the computer programs that enable the implementation of our technology to our clients in the art.

You will also ensure their implementation in web 2.0 and web 3.0.

You will deploy the developed solutions on different media.

You will work on both the back-end of the system (Python) as well as on the different front-end corresponding to the different usage scenarios (various programming languages).


You have an engineering degree or equivalent, with experience in R&D and/or art-related technologies.

A PhD in a field related to the project would be a great asset.

Skills required:

- Mastery of several languages: Python, C++, JavaScript, Java

- AI skills (machine learning, neural networks)

- Good knowledge of UX and web 3.

- Knowledge of mobile application technologies: IOS and Android.

- English imperative (English-speaking interlocutors).

- Ability to understand database issues (SQL).

You have excellent interpersonal skills, are a good listener and are able to show empathy.

You are sensitive to art and ideally practice an artistic activity (music, drawing, video, etc.).

Your independence and adaptability are your strengths.