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Individual coaching and development of collective intelligence

  • Because assessment is a real revelation of potential, we accompany the Talent in his evaluation and in his development of skills. Because together we go further, we help you identify and develop actions that promote collective potential. We accompany your operational and managerial teams towards a real dynamic cooperation.

Change management expertise

  • A change of organization requires a meticulous preparation in order to engage and retain all employees.
    We support you in managing this transition in order to guarantee the support of your teams and to lead the change in the best possible conditions.

At your side, thanks to outsourcing

  • Outsourcing some of your HR services can be THE solution to relieve you of complex administrative tasks or to acquire a specific expertise at a key moment of your business strategy. We mobilize all our operational expertise to support you in case of overload of activities.

Our Expertise in HR consulting

Assessment of skills

Our assessment methods allow us to qualify the skills and the aspirations of each Talent we meet. We analyze their Hardskills, their motivations, their values and their potential for professional development. We accompany the employee throughout his career to help him develop, build loyalty and help your organization grow.

Value Mapping

Building your employer brand is essential to attract and give meaning to your future employees. We analyze your brand, we build with you specific surveys to understand your pillars and we create your value map. Our challenge is to help you understand and highlight your company's DNA.

Change strategy

In order to facilitate transitions and to involve all stakeholders in the change, we define with you the strategic axes of the transformation. We support you in the management of the change, via the implementation of a committee and the construction of your internal communication strategy. We also support you in your legal compliance (GDPR...) and the proper application of labor law.

Executive Coaching

We bring your managers and your executive team to question their daily management practices. Meeting your managers in 1to1 allows us to establish and validate effectively adapted coaching programs. We lead personalized coaching sessions with a clear objective: to boost their managerial potential!

Co-development and team coaching

Developing team spirit while giving meaning to the collective allows the creation of real active communities of practice and values. We offer a personalized coaching program for your teams. We accompany you in the construction of action plans and in the animation of collective coaching sessions.

HR outsourcing

We relieve you of certain administrative tasks in case of overload of your activity or a need for expertise. We identify with you the HR areas on which you wish to be supported. Annual interviews, salary analysis, creation of job descriptions, outsourcing... our expertise is complete: in all professions and all sectors of activity.

End-to-end management of administration and logistics

Understanding each other's complementarities
is essential to develop your talents and reduce turnover. We draw up the Talent Mapping of your teams and work with you to develop your strategic workforce planning. We support you in the mapping of softskills, the construction of your skills repository, the implementation of People Review and the elaboration of your collective skills development plan.

Quality of life and well-being

We assist you in the diagnosis of psychosocial risk factors (PRF) in order to develop and deploy an appropriate prevention plan. We help you to update your risk assessment template. We also offer you a quality of life at work audit, and then we recommend a customized support plan.

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  • Expertise and methodology in all sectors of activity

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