Immigration: news of the month - March 2023


Julie Leprohon

Immigration: news of the month - March 2023

Our immigration experts compile for you the changes in procedures in Europe and around the world.




End of Golden Visa in Ireland and Portugal

The Golden Visa allows its holder to obtain residency in the country that issued it, thanks to the investments made in that country. This visa exists in several countries around the world, particularly in Europe.

Ireland and Portugal have decided to put an end to this type of visa under the impulse of Europe. In Portugal, holders of this visa will no longer be able to renew it. As for Ireland, the authorities will no longer accept new applications from 15 February 2023.


Easing of immigration rules for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Several European countries have decided to simplify visa applications for Turkish and Syrian applicants affected by the earthquake in early February.

Belgium and the Netherlands have set up a priority processing system for visa applications or requests to extend the validity of permits lodged by earthquake victims. Germany and Switzerland are also implementing a simplified visa application procedure for victims wishing to join their close family members living in Germany or Switzerland.



Towards the digitalization of immigration procedures

As most immigration procedures are now carried out online, the Spanish authorities will make it mandatory by April 2023 to sign work and residence permit application forms digitally. Companies will have to use their digital certificates (Certificados AC de representacion) to sign documents.

Companies that do not have digital certificate can request one from the competent authorities.



Automatic extension of residence permits

The government has automatically extended all residence permits expiring in 2023 until the end of the year. This measure was taken because of the backlog of applications for renewal by the authorities.



Relaxation of rules for European Blue Cards

The Bulgarian authorities have decided to relax the rules for obtaining and applying the European Blue Card.

Among these measures, we can note the increase of the validity period of the card from 4 to 5 years, the suppression of the obligation to obtain a diploma by the applicant to prove his professional skills.

But also the reduction of the minimum duration of the work contract, and the authorisation to change employer after one year of residence without the obligation to change work and residence permits.

In addition, the application procedure for the EU Blue Card is now done online, which saves time and facilitates the management of files.



Review of the shortage occupation list

The Migration Advisory Committee will set up a review of shortage occupation list. Companies are invited to participate in the inclusion of new occupations by submitting evidence to support the need to add certain professions.




Online procedure for multi-entry business visa applications

The government has introduced a new online application procedure through the new website of the Ministry of Public Security.

With this online procedure, representatives of the inviting company in Vietnam are no longer required to visit the immigration office to submit visa applications. Companies must register on this site in order to apply for multi-entry business visas for their guests.


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Julie Leprohon

by Julie Leprohon