The well-being of your employees: why is it important?


Valentine Carton

The well-being of your employees: why is it important?

According to INSEE, in France, a person changes jobs 4 to 5 times in their life. In the present climate, employees have no qualms in leaving their job or company for another. As a result, companies need to offer more to attract and retain employees.

Companies need to stand out, especially if they are looking for scarce skilled talent. Indeed, some fields such as IT or medical suffer from shortages of applicants. Knowing that for 59%* of employees well-being at work is their highest priority, this subject has become a major issue for companies.


What are the benefits of well-being at work for your company?  

Attracting talent


When deciding whether or not to work for a company, or choosing between companies, well-being can play as much of a role as salary. More than ever, future employees are finding out more about the company they want to join as a result of the brand's pages on social media, as well as asking their future colleagues on LinkedIn. In the case of a rare qualified talent, the latter will surely have the pick of different offers, and the quality of life at work will therefore be a determining element for your company for these types of hires. This gives all the more reason to work on your employer brand by highlighting your benefits. 


Engaging talent


Just as when recruiting, thinking about the well-being of your talent once hired and beyond is essential. This will boost the satisfaction and commitment of your employees. Feeling supported and valued builds trust. Finding a company is one thing, but finding a work environment in which to thrive is another. Your staff won't want to go without it. So keep listening to them and maintain the connection.  


Better productivity


In a group setting, good understanding, trust between colleagues and healthy communication will lead to more productive and efficient teamwork. Your employees will feel like they belong to a group. They will be more efficient in their tasks and in their decision making. 
As far as managers are concerned, encouraging an employee and valuing their work while also giving a margin of freedom will boost performance and creativity.  


Turn your employees into real ambassadors


Content, proud employees are the best ambassadors for your company. Employee Advocacy, the mechanism through which an employee becomes an ambassador for their company, is the best way to increase your visibility and reputation in a natural and rewarding way. This feeling of belonging will motivate your employees to speak positively about your company around them and to share your content on social media.


A strategy to face the crisis

In the wake of the health crisis, attention to the well-being of employees is necessary to cope with this period of stress, change, uncertainty and experimentation.  


The truth is that your company needed its employees to be committed to their work and to give their all. The rise of remote working has required more ongoing communication between employer and employee. Employee ability to adapt was extremely important during this period (health guidelines, face-to-face/remote organization, etc.). In return, they need to feel listened to, accompanied and supported by their company.


So how can this be done?

Nowadays, many HR departments are looking at their employee experience. This experience covers everything that an employee experiences from the moment they are hired until they leave.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Training (languages, management etc.) and career prospects
  • Helpful tools: organization (online agenda), communication (weekly meetings, communication platforms, suggestion boxes etc.) or their daily life (lunch vouchers, remote work)
  • Infrastructure and equipment (quiet workplace, powerful computers, positive lunch room atmosphere, adapted appliances, entertainment etc.)
  • Internal activities (blind test, team meals, sports classes, personal development workshops)

Want to introduce your employees to meditation? On the occasion of the Quality of Life at Work week, Cooptalis x Petit Bambou x Estrela Conseil share a replay of their webinar with you on Meditation: the well-being of your employees, hosted by Laurent Motte. The aim is to introduce you to meditation in your company while helping you to integrate it to offer moments of well-being for your teams.


All these elements can contribute to the well-being of your employees. But the most important thing is to start by talking to them and listening to their requests to know what they really need. Then you can put processes together as a team in an intelligent way.  


Paying attention to the well-being of your employees will not only make your company more efficient, but will also make it a healthy place to work where your employees will enjoy working and perform at their best.

Valentine Carton

by Valentine Carton