The Cooptalis solution for recruiting executives in shortage profiles



The Cooptalis solution for recruiting executives in shortage profiles

Want to bring skills in-house but facing a shortage of suitable people and finding it hard to get them in at a given moment? You need the skills fast, but it will take time to identify the right person... You’ve located the ideal individual, but they want to finish another job first. This means waiting for them to become available... Sounds familiar?             
Discover the Cooptalis solution for overcoming the challenges you face recruiting for shortage executive roles!


Sectors in high demand     


It's clear that different job sectors have been affected differently by the pandemic. Some have stopped operating altogether, while others are booming. IT and logistics have seen strong growth.
Digital sector jobs were already under strain on the labour market before the pandemic, which has only increased this shortage of executive candidates.  


Candidates who fear change          


The shortage of talent faced by HR professionals can also be explained by the “timid” behaviour of some executives. The pandemic has generated legitimate concerns among candidates already in a role.

57% of executives overwhelmingly say that changing company is more of a risk than an opportunity at the moment.   


Candidates without the desired skills


That said, there are many more candidates on the jobs market since the pandemic. This influx takes HR teams time to process. And it’s obvious that many candidates don't actually have the skills sought by recruiters.High-demand sectors, the pandemic and a feeling of insecurity among candidates are all barriers to recruitment. This makes searching for specific executive profiles twice as complicated and time-consuming for HR departments.


The Cooptalis solution: matching available experts with your needs


It’s not easy to find your future managers at the right time. Especially when there’s a market shortage.
At Cooptalis, we believe in giving you the complete package to meet your needs. Our talent finders will support you in recruiting your future or interim managers to make sure your teams achieve success.

As well as sourcing you the perfect candidate for a permanent contract, our Izyfreelanceexperts can help you keep your business going through a transition period. 


Why choose our recruitment services?


  • A single contact person to manage your interim and permanent needs with a single brief and a single touchpoint for progress updates.
  • Flexibility with organising knowledge transfers when an interim provider hands over to a permanent hire.
  • Central administration management.

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