The Benefits of Working from Your Parents' Home: A Productivity Boost!

Working from your parents' home: a good or a bad idea? 72% of workers say they are not disturbed, according to a recent Anywr survey

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Wasquehal, September 14th 2023. This summer, the media flooded the web with hilarious stories about telecommuting employees who seemed to be doing their best with somewhat intrusive parents. However, a recent survey by Anywr, a key player in international recruitment and talent mobility accelerated by digital solutions, gives us a whole new perspective


The survey results show that the reality is anything but the caricature one might imagine. In fact, 72% of those surveyed admitted to not being bothered at all by their parents or grandparents when teleworking from home.


Diving deeper into the mystery of intergenerational cohabitation while teleworking, the results of this survey are surprising, and prove that the reality is far more nuanced than people had imagined. This survey proves that parents can be a valuable asset in telecommuting, far from disrupting work. After all, who better to prepare the best lunch for your lunch break than your parents?


It would seem that the majority of parents, far from being awkward troublemakers, are in fact silent allies in their children's productivity. Teleworkers, meanwhile, seem to appreciate their parents' benevolent presence without sacrificing work efficiency.


These results remind us that, even in family telecommuting situations, a dose of humor and mutual understanding can turn any space into a professional office.


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