Settle Service becomes Anywr Netherlands

Settle Service becomes "Anywr Netherlands" to address new HR challenges for businesses


Wasquehal, March 5th, 2024Anywr Group, a key player in International Recruitment Services, Consulting and Global Talent Mobilityis pleased to announce a new phase of its integration with Settle Service, the undisputed reference in immigration and relocation services in the Netherlands. Starting from March 1st, the Dutch leader is proudly carrying the Anywr Netherlands brand, thus strengthening its international positioning and ambitions.


A l’occasion du premier anniversaire du rapprochement entre les deux entités, le leader néerlandais de l’immigration et relocation opte pour la marque Anywr Netherlands, rejoignant ainsi la plupart des pays du groupe. Ce changement qui vise à renforcer les synergies entre les deux entités, représente une évolution stratégique qui permettra aux clients de bénéficier de services RH intégrés plus étendus.


A merger of local expertise and global reach

The new brand, Anywr Netherlands, allows the Dutch leader to meet the requirements of a diverse and global clientele. Its capabilities expand through the assets of the group —900 experts established in 23 offices on 4 continents, a portfolio of 4000 customers. Clients of Anywr Netherlands will benefit from an international network of partners and resources, facilitating their mobility and recruitment processes and meeting their HR service needs.

This new alignment also ensures operational continuity of excellence and proximity. The experienced team of professionals in the Haarlem offices remains available to guarantee the exceptional service quality they are accustomed to. Anywr Netherlands will embody the shared values of Settle Service and the Group, offering an even smoother, transparent, efficient, and customer-oriented experience.

"This transition marks a significant step in our ongoing commitment to supporting our clients throughout their global journey by offering them extended and international services," comments Irene Bunt, Country Manager Netherlands.


A brand synonymous with flexibility and commitment

As a reminder, the name Anywr is explained by the tagline: Anywork (flexible missions), Anyway (flexible solutions), Anywhere (felxible countries). The second part of the name "wr" (to be pronounced "wer") is also an echo of the term "enabler," the facilitator, the one who makes the match of talents and companies possible.

"Our goal is to be as an international company rooted in local expertise of excellence and as a provider of innovative solutions in a context where the demands for flexibility are increasing," explains Jean Manuel Cros, CEO of the Group. Attracting and retaining talents, recruiting in high-demand professions, international expansion, diversity and inclusion policies – companies increasingly need to integrate the international dimension to remain competitive. And HR departments are seeking solutions to manage all these new challenges in compliance. Anywr, with its approach of complementary international and local services, opens up a universe of possibilities for employers."





About d'Anywr Netherlands

Anywr Netherlands has been the undisputed market leader in immigration and relocation services since 1990. With a group of around 45 employees we assist companies and their employees with their relocations to and from the Netherlands. We work with a combination of state-of-the-art IT and a personal approach, leading to a client satisfaction rate of 97%.


About Anywr

Since 2012, Anywr has been recruiting and facilitating the mobility of talents for companies worldwide. Anywr addresses companies' challenges in quickly finding rare talents and supports talents in their mobility and professional flexibility projects. Selected among the 120 most promising startups in France, #FrenchTech120, the group has a unique position in the market with a comprehensive range of HR solutions: talent recruitment and headhunting, through a wide range of services (direct and outsourced RPO recruitment via Solantis in France, service provision, freelancing, wage portage), mobility solutions (immigration, relocation, and taxation), and training. With 23 agencies in 16 countries, Anywr benefits from a local expert presence and a pool of global talents. Already, over 4,000 companies trust them, and 30,000 talents have benefited from their services for their life changes. Driven by values of commitment, diversity, boldness, and pleasure, Anywr is an innovative and responsible company committed to its communities, using its expertise and solutions for social integration and diversity projects. Anywr adopted the status of a Mission-Oriented Company (Pacte Law) in June 2021.

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