French relocation services rewarded for their quality with the EGQS certification!


Sophie Lavergne

French relocation services rewarded for their quality with the EGQS certification!

Cooptalis Move’s teams had been working on it for several months when the good news came: relocation services in France are awarded the EGQS label (EuRa Global Quality Seal), given bythe European Relocation Association.

Recognized by international mobility experts, the EGQS label's scope covers ISO 9001 main themes dedicated to quality management.This award is a strong validation of Cooptalis' expertise and a great recognition of the work done.


The EuRA Quality Mark is an accreditation program for relocation service providers. It provides an external verification of the excellence of the relocation services offered. Initiated by members representing all aspects of the relocation industry, the label aims to establish benchmarks of best practice in service delivery. It specifies processes and key performance indicators that designate the highest standards of quality in relocation.


For Cooptalis' clients and partners, this certification means:


  • a client-centric approach throughout the whole relocation process: Cooptalis knows how to adapt to the needs of its clients and their employees;
  • regular monitoring and improvement of client and stakeholder satisfaction: satisfaction is evaluated at various key moments of the relocation process.

"I am particularly proud to see the result of the collective work of our teams rewarded. This recognition testifies to Cooptalis' deep commitment to providing quality services. In the international mobility industry, being awarded the EGQS label, after the Magellan certification, is a strong signal to clients and reinforces Cooptalis' position as a solid and recognized expert in relocation. Our international mobility industry continues to evolve, to structure itself and to become more professional. In this context, this new label gives us an advantage over our competitors and consolidates our leadership," says Isabelle Prémont, Director of the Move activity at Cooptalis.


This certification is a new step in the policy of conformity and homogenization of the services offered by the group, Cooptalis' agencies in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands having already been EGQS certified for several years.


Sophie Lavergne

by Sophie Lavergne