How a delivery company leader relies on our recruiting solutions


Julie Leprohon

How a delivery company leader relies on our recruiting solutions

How a delivery company leader relies on our recruiting solutions

The IT department of a company specialising in out-of-home delivery is facing recruitment challenges as its market volume increases, making the company the European leader in out-of-home delivery.


We recently collaborated with a small parcel logistics company that began its operations in France and then expanded worldwide to Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and recently to Portugal and Italy. The international company specialises in delivering small parcels in the fields of BTC (professional to private) and CTC (private to private).


The company's BTC customers include major e-tailers, including Cdiscount, Auchan and Amazon, as well as a range of "smaller" e-tailers. The group leverages its diversity and agility to maintain close relationships with these different types of local customers.     


The group relies on extensive digital activity in the CTC domain: a private individual can purchase a parcel shipment on their website to be sent to another private individual at a relay point in France or another group country. With its network and connections between countries, the group can offer naturally smooth and seamless shipping routes between countries.    



The group also works in partnership with a number of marketplaces that put individuals in touch with each other, such as Vinted and Le Bon Coin, without being in contact with the end-users. 


Ambition & development

The company has recently acquired another business in Eastern Europe, leading it to diversify its activities in new markets.             


The group's ambitions?

  • To become the European leader in out-of-home delivery with a European network composed of Point Relais and locker systems.    
  • To develop growth and continue to support the international company's various users


Company dynamics: growth & recruitment


The DSIO Challenge

The DSIO, a department incorporating the IT and organisational teams, includes a range of different tech professional: business intelligence, functional, support, contract and project management.
The company's IT department develops its own components internally. Its everyday work involves software integration and forms of integration that ensure smooth flows with e-tailers.  


Absorbing new volumes of traffic

The company is currently in a good growth dynamic. It beats parcel shipment records every year. As a result, the company needs to structure and organise itself to cope with all its additional business. In this context, the group is launching huge projects in all areas and throughout the company's businesses.          


Staffing & Strengthening Teams

The Information System and Organisation Department (DSIO) must support the growth of the company. So the team is constantly looking for ways to strengthen and staff itself in different areas.            

To achieve this, the company decided to call on our recruitment teams.


The search for professionals

Professionals sought:

  • web domain manager,
  • infrastructure domain manager, back office    
  • professional project managers for software integration and integration support.   

The company is looking to implement a rapid staff recruitment programme in a context where the recruitment market remains very tight. To achieve this, the group is relying on our experts to source the scarce talent they need.       


Our response

Our group has been responding to the talent shortage within the leading out-of-home delivery group's teams for several years now.


Increasing the number of legitimate hiring channels

Our teams have recruited freelancers for long-term projects and are also actively looking for professionals for permanent contracts or working through umbrella companies.         
In particular, we offered the company an Application Domain Manager, with responsibilities mainly in the back office. The candidate, pre-selected by our teams and arriving within three months, meets the team's expectations through a combination of expertise and interpersonal skills.
Our platform, which puts freelancers and companies in touch with each other, has been specifically tasked with sourcing development jobs within the group for relatively long assignments. We are one of the few players in the market to offer such a vast and wide-ranging choice of collaboration formats, from service provision to traditional contracts and freelancing!                      

This agility in the type of contracts allows our recruiters to suggest experienced candidates to the international leader's teams quickly and efficiently. 


Close relationship

A lasting relationship           

Our relationship with the leader in out-of-home delivery was born out of a previous experience with the Italent teams. A company which historically specialised in headhunting and which was acquired by our group in 2020 as part of its external growth strategy. In addition, our group continues to expand in China, India and Switzerland through the acquisitions of Expat Partners and Geneva relocation.     


A close relationship

Our collaboration with the leader in out-of-home delivery is based on a close relationship with our teams. This is an essential factor in the success of partnership recruitment. Our relationship is based on trust between the teams, thus fostering a fruitful long-term collaboration. Our teams listen carefully to all our partners' needs, and their flexibility ensures that we find the most experienced person at the right time.    
This expertise means that we are able to meet all the development challenges that a world-renowned and sought-after group may face.     


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Julie Leprohon

by Julie Leprohon