Anywr introduces major technological innovations to simplify the job search process


Marion Breyer

Anywr introduces major technological innovations to simplify the job search process

Anywr, a key player in HR 360 services and digital solutions for recruitment and career mobility, announces a series of technological innovations designed to considerably simplify the recruitment process within the Anywr Group.


Simplifying and Digitizing the Job Search Process


One of these major advances is the implementation of a parsing system powered by an algorithm developed in-house. This system enables Anywr to accurately retrieve training, professional experience and profile descriptions from CVs and/or Linkedin profiles. Once this information has been collected, the CV and/or Linkedin profile is analyzed to identify and extract the skills mentioned in the text, automatically adding them to the candidate's profile.


For candidates, these innovations considerably simplify the job search process, offering several significant advantages:


- Skills highlighting: Candidates see their core skills highlighted, boosting their attractiveness to employers and simplifying their job search.


- Process simplicity: Candidates benefit from a smooth and efficient application experience, thanks to the simplified application process.


- Precise match: Candidates are better matched with positions that match their skills, improving their chances of finding suitable career opportunities.


This series of innovations marks an important step in the evolution of the Anywr Group's recruitment process. By placing the qualification of profiles at the heart of their approach, Anywr facilitates the search for candidates based on their skills, a core value of the company.


To further enhance the talent search, Anywr has developed a powerful in-house search engine that references these specific skills. Combining this with an advanced matching algorithm, skills play a central role in the process of matching candidates to vacancies.



Benefits for companies and candidates


For Anywr's customers, these in-house innovations translate into significant benefits. Applications are simplified, enabling Anywr to attract a greater number of candidates. The combination of referencing and matching speeds up the qualification of candidates and, consequently, the recruitment process as a whole.


At a time when companies are eager to fill highly specialized positions, and skills are often short-lived on the market, Anywr's digital innovations simplify and enhance their recruitment expertise.


Anywr continues to push the boundaries of innovation to meet the changing needs of the recruitment market, reinforcing its position as a leader in the sector.

Marion Breyer

by Marion Breyer