Anywr Launches New Cybersecurity Service to Protect Digital Assets

Anywr expands its portfolio of services with the launch of a cybersecurity offering


Wasquehal, October, 10th 2023. Anywr, a key player in HR 360 services and digital solutions for recruitment and career mobility, has taken a new strategic step by announcing the launch of a new service dedicated to cybersecurity. This offering reinforces Anywr's position as a trusted partner for companies concerned with protecting their digital assets and preventing cyber-attacks. This service will be launched in Germany at the it-sa Expo&Congress trade show in Nuremberg from October 10 to 12, and will be offered to all Anywr customers and prospects worldwide.


Cybersecurity, a must in a connected world

At a time when the quantity of digital products continues to grow exponentially, the opportunities for cyber-attacks are also increasing significantly, creating a growing risk for businesses.

Key figures from the cybersecurity market highlight this reality:

- The global cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025.

- The average cost of a data breach is $3.62 million.

- The global cybersecurity market is expected to reach $366.2 billion by 2028, recording growth of 10.2% since 2021.

- The number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs is forecast to reach 3.5 million by 2023.


The Anywr offer: outsourcing penetration testing / Ethical Hacking

As part of its new cybersecurity offering, Anywr offers penetration testing and "Ethical Hacking" by a team of in-house engineers. They can test any customer's applications, devices, operating system or network to identify any security vulnerabilities, list them and provide detailed recommendations for securing them.

For Anywr, cybersecurity is an essential pillar of business protection in today's digital world. With this new offering, Anywr is committed to helping its customers strengthen their resilience in the face of constantly evolving threats.


Strategic advantages for companies

The introduction of this new cybersecurity offering brings significant strategic benefits to companies:

  • At a time when demand for cybersecurity professionals far outstrips supply, companies can rely on Anywr to deliver the required expertise, without the hassle of human resources management.
  • By using Anywr's Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking services, companies can rest assured that their systems, applications and data are being assessed by seasoned cybersecurity experts. This enables them to effectively target potential vulnerabilities, strengthen their security posture and protect themselves against cyber threats.
  • Anywr experts identify security vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can exploit them, significantly reducing the risk of costly and damaging cyberattacks. This preventive approach is essential to protect a company's reputation and digital assets in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Anywr's cybersecurity offering represents an efficient, cost-effective and flexible solution to help companies strengthen their digital security, comply with current regulations and focus on their core business without fear of cyber threats.


About Anywr

Since 2012, Anywr has been recruiting and supporting talent mobility for businesses worldwide. The company helps businesses struggling to quickly find rare talent and supports talent with job mobility and professional flexibility. The group was selected as one of France's 120 most promising start-ups to join the #FrenchTech120. It has a unique market position thanks to its comprehensive recruitment and headhunting HR solutions via a wide range of legal devices (direct recruitment, digital services companies, freelancers, umbrella company services), mobility solutions (immigration, relocation, and taxation) and training. With 23 agencies in 16 countries, Anywr has an expert local presence and a worldwide talent pool. Over 4000 companies have already worked with Anywr, and 30,000 talented professionals have changed their lives using its services. Driven by its values—engagement, diversity, boldness, and pleasure—Anywr is an innovative and responsible digital company that is committed to its communities and leverages its expertise and solutions to carry out projects in the fields of social integration and diversity. Anywr has recently become a mission-driven company (entreprise à mission). Find out more:

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