How to recruit missing profiles in industry/mechanics


Jalil Erik Sadiki

How to recruit missing profiles in industry/mechanics

Did you know?            

INSEE has predicted the loss of 840,000 jobs this year.

So shouldn't this solve the issue of recruitment difficulties in France in certain professions? Well, not really...



Not only are these issues still around after lockdown, but they will persist because the problem is so structural for certain positions (site managers, works supervisors, body repairers for example).

In certain sectors of activity, it is hard to recruit specific profiles and search for candidates, especially for VSEs and SMEs (due to lack of time, for example).

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There are a number of reasons for this talent shortage, including:


The low attractiveness of certain profiles.

In fact, candidate qualification for certain positions is a key element for hiring. So sometimes you can't just point the finger and say there's a shortage of candidates.The overvaluing of university training to the detriment of the more technical qualified sectors such as industry and construction.


Lack of training structure

Technology is constantly evolving. In fact, most professions are seeing an emerging need for these technologies.   

And it is also a fact that the shortage of talent is not limited to the IT or construction sectors.             
Some service sectors such as accounting and real estate are affected by the shortage. Medical, paramedical and human services professionals are also on the list of the most sought-after professions.         


What solutions are available to companies who are experiencing recruitment difficulties?



Training, especially apprenticeships where people can be trained in the company's tools and techniques.


Optimisation of the recruitment process

with a focus on employer branding and improving the candidate experience. Even if it's not a guarantee that profiles will be high quality, it's an effective solution when you're in the middle of a talent war.


In-house hiring

Internal mobility is one of the most preferred alternatives. Some companies use HR tools such as the GPEC HRM tool.


Changes to certain conditions in employment contracts

Some companies have opted to switch from fixed-term contracts to permanent contracts or from part-time to full-time contracts. Others use interim workers or subcontracting.   

But these solutions are not always enough and shortages are a potential brake to recovery, so new avenues must be explored to help companies grow.       
One such avenue is sourcing talent from abroad.   


Cooptalis & Interkross expertise

Our expertise enables us to help these company directors to find qualified profiles with real technical skills.   


I have been in contact with the Interkross agency since the beginning of June 2020. We needed body repairers, fitters and painters. The Interkross agency was able to quickly find candidates for this type of position where the qualified workforce is scarce in France. They take care of everything from recruitment to the point the candidates arrive at the job site".     
Yves Timon - Body shop service manager at Safra.


We help many companies with their recruitment process by assisting them in identifying talent wherever they are, both in France and abroad.


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Jalil Erik Sadiki

by Jalil Erik Sadiki