How Cooptalis helps SCC optimise recruitment


Julie Leprohon

How Cooptalis helps SCC optimise recruitment

 Aurélie Marechalle reflects on her three years working with our Cooptalis Services teams.


Tell us about your company and what it does


SCC is a British company founded in 1975. We are a private IT group and have developed our work in Europe including France. We aim to meet all of our clients' digital transformation needs. We want to improve their performance in different areas such as modernising infrastructure. We're one of the top 10 computer services companies in France!               
We have more than 3,500 staff in the country, spread across 22 offices. The goal is to meet our clients' needs and be available nearby, which is very important to us.        
SCC is founded on family values. We want staff to have job-specific expertise and soft skills. We believe in human values, entrepreneurship, commitment, team spirit, collaboration and diversity. And we're committed to ecology and the environment.


Which sectors do you work in?


We work exclusively with key accounts, with 50% of our clients in the public sector and 50% private.             
In the public sector, we collaborate with town halls, prefectures and ministries. We work right across the private sector (industry, banking and services).
SCC's strength is being able to make our mark on all or part of the client's IT department, depending on their projects and what we can do to improve their digital transformation. Our projects are often long term.


Tell us about your staff


We're a service company. We have a service called "technical assistance", which is where we do a lot of work with Cooptalis as we send our staff to our clients to set up their projects. Our employees are infrastructure experts and include project managers, engineers, administrators and consultants.  
Their careers and training matter to us. When we recruit an employee for a client, the technical knowledge must be there, but we also focus on their qualities and development potential.


What do you do at your company?   


I started at SCC in 2017 as a Recruitment Officer doing sourcing and recruitment. Since then, my role has evolved and I'm now a Resource Manager. I'm in charge of external sourcing and recruitment. I'm also responsible for employees' internal mobility and work closely with the office's Technical Manager.   


How did you hear about Cooptalis?   


It was a colleague who knew about Cooptalis who created the link with SCC. We did an initial recruitment session with Cooptalis in Casablanca in 2018. We found the candidates had interesting job-specific and soft skills. We then did a second session in 2019 and have continued to work with Cooptalis regularly since.


How did our teams help with your sourcing issues?


Cooptalis manages the entire recruitment process, sourcing, recruiting and organising sessions in different countries. I can also receive applications directly from Morocco, for example, and go through Mélanie at Cooptalis Services so that she only deals with the EOR employer of record system.         

EOR employer of record is more recent: we've been using the Cooptalis teams for it since March 2021. In fact, we will be welcoming two staff supported by Cooptalis in September and October! And we've already hired employees who were initially supported by Cooptalis, such as Zacharia. I met him in Morocco during a 2019 recruitment session in Casablanca and he started being supported by Cooptalis in June.         


What was the purpose of these recruitment sessions?         

We're mainly looking for experts (with three to five or more years of experience) as this is our core business and on the French market, we have limited access to these profiles. So that was the goal of working on the issue with Cooptalis.  


Why did you call on Cooptalis?       


We're working with Cooptalis to overcome the current state of the market. In areas like Nord and Normandy, we have more trouble finding experienced staff who share our values. We're also looking to attract more experienced employees to help us grow. Sometimes we find a candidate has the expertise but lacks the soft skills. We need both.      


What is your typical recruitment process like?       


We do direct sourcing and subcontract to partners like Cooptalis. For the profiles we're looking for at the moment, Cooptalis meets our requirements!  


What are the advantages of working with Cooptalis?  


I find that Cooptalis's sourcing is very precise in relation to the description we provide. The selected candidates are already informed and more or less meet the criteria, so we save a lot of time! When we interview pre-selected candidates, they usually already know all about SCC. Cooptalis has told them about us, we feel there is a different kind of preparation taking place and the candidate is likely to be suitable.       


What does Cooptalis do well?


  • Saves time
  • Provides high-quality candidates
  • Is efficient & responsive
  • Offers high-quality sourcing: good knowledge of the positions available in the regions
  • Pre-selects suitable candidates

Do you work with Cooptalis on other issues such as talent mobility or training?


We also work with Cooptalis on relocation.        
Last year, we worked with Cooptalis's relocation service. One of our employees wanted to work in Lille. The teams helped them search for accommodation and move. It was nice not to have to deal with all that. We will be using Cooptalis again in the coming months for another employee!



Julie Leprohon

by Julie Leprohon