Why look for a new job at the end of the year? Unsuspected opportunities


Marion Breyer

Why look for a new job at the end of the year? Unsuspected opportunities

Wasquehal, 15th November 2023. Changing jobs can be a difficult decision to make, but there are times of year when it can be particularly advantageous. At Anywr, for example, there are half as many applications in December as in any other month of the year. The end of the year can therefore be one of those good times to look for new professional opportunities.


Companies prepare their budgets for the new year

The fourth quarter is the time of year when most companies embark on a planning process for the year ahead. This includes defining budgets and human resources requirements. For job seekers, this is a golden opportunity, as many companies are planning new recruitments to meet their staffing needs. It's the perfect time to explore opportunities with companies looking to strengthen their teams.

Reduce the competition

Most jobseekers usually wait until the beginning of the year to launch their job search. This means that if you start your search at the end of the year, you can stand out from the competition. Companies tend to receive fewer applications at this time, which increases your chances of being noticed and getting interviews.

Take advantage of end-of-year opportunities

The end of the year is also marked by a number of specific professional opportunities. For example, many companies are looking for temps to cope with the overload of work during the festive season. This can be a great way to gain experience and demonstrate your skills, which can eventually lead to permanent employment.


Take advantage of vacation periods to update your application 

The end of the year is usually accompanied by public holidays and vacation periods. These moments offer valuable free time to devote to job hunting. You can update your CV, hone your skills, and prepare for interviews without the constraints of everyday life.

Plan a fresh start for the new year

Looking for a new job at the end of the year can help you plan a fresh start for the new year. This can be particularly motivating and revitalizing. You can set new professional and personal goals for the year ahead, and start this new phase of your career with enthusiasm.

Assess your needs and aspirations

At the end of the year, it's natural to take stock of the past year and reflect on what you'd like to achieve in the future. It's also a good time to assess your professional needs and aspirations. If you feel that your current job isn't meeting those expectations, it can be the perfect signal to start exploring new opportunities.


"Applying at the end of the year can be a wise strategy for candidates. It's a time when many companies are preparing their budgets for the coming year and assessing their staffing needs. Submitting your application at this time shows that you're proactive and ready to contribute from the start of the new year. What's more, there may be fewer competitors, increasing your chances of securing an interview and standing out from the crowd. Don't wait until the New Year to make a fresh start professionally, seize the opportunities now." said Jean-Manuel Cros, HR Director at Anywr. 

Don't procrastinate, because the opportunity you've been waiting for could well present itself at this special time of year, paving the way for a more rewarding career.


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