Anywr settles in Eindhoven to meet recruitment demand in the area

Anywr settles in Eindhoven to meet recruitment demand in the area


Wasquehal, March 23d 2023. Anywr, a key player in 360° HR services and digital solutions in recruitment and professional mobility, announced today the opening of its new office in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. This location will allow Anywr to address more effectively the growing demand for recruitment in the country and to strengthen its proximity to its clients.

The Netherlands, as many other European countries, are facing a shortage of talent in areas such as IT, life sciences and human resources. In this context, Anywr is getting closer to its clients to meet their recruitment needs and help them find the best candidates.

Anywr's new office will be located in the Eindhoven High Tech Campus, alongside 300 other companies. Anywr intends to benefit from the dynamism and effervescence of the local ecosystem. Moreover, this strategic location will allow Anywr to reach out to the entire region, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and to position itself closer to its clients.

As part of its development strategy, Anywr is developing a Nearshore offer in Tunisia. Thanks to the establishment of this agency, Anywr's clients in the Netherlands will be able to benefit from this solution which guarantees the quality and rigor of Anywr's processes in a fast and efficient way.

Catherine Sodar, under the supervision of Laura Galante, will be in charge of developing Eindhoven’s business. She brings a strong background in human resources and project management from experiences in working in leading companies. She will benefit from Laura Galante’s expertise in 360 HR. Laura will also support her in the development of this new office.

"We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Eindhoven, which will strengthen our presence in the region and allow us to better serve our clients' needs. ", said Olivier Desurmont, CEO of Anywr.


About Anywr

Since 2012, Anywr has been recruiting and supporting talent mobility for businesses worldwide. The company helps businesses struggling to quickly find rare talent and supports talent with job mobility and professional flexibility. The group was selected as one of France's 120 most promising start-ups to join the #FrenchTech120. It has a unique market position thanks to its comprehensive recruitment and headhunting HR solutions via a wide range of legal devices (direct recruitment, digital services companies, freelancers, umbrella company services), mobility solutions (immigration, relocation, and taxation) and training. With 23 agencies in 16 countries, Anywr has an expert local presence and a worldwide talent pool. Over 4000 companies have already worked with Anywr, and 30,000 talented professionals have changed their lives using its services. Driven by its values—engagement, diversity, boldness, and pleasure—Anywr is an innovative and responsible digital company that is committed to its communities and leverages its expertise and solutions to carry out projects in the fields of social integration and diversity. Anywr has recently become a mission-driven company (entreprise à mission). Find out more:

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