Cybersecurity, the new highly critical challenge for companies


Edmond Kean

Cybersecurity, the new highly critical challenge for companies

Increasing attacks, latest defense strategies, growing needs for experts and new professional skills... Cybersecurity has gone from being a serious threat to a top priority for businesses

We take a look at the issue through a series of dedicated blogposts

2021 was a "trigger" year for many companies regarding cybersecurity: 150 French companies declared themselves victims of major cyber attacks. The cost of these attacks, which can sometimes paralyze the company, is increasingly important to the point that cybercrime is becoming as "profitable" as drug trafficking.


With the digital transformation of companies, the generalization of remote working and the migration of sensitive data to the cloud, attacks by hackers are increasing and are part of companies' daily lives. They keep on smartly competing to hold you for ransom.


It is no surprise that the cybersecurity sector is expanding rapidly and has become an urgent priority for companies.


In this context, it is urgent to answer the right questions to protect yourself from cybercriminals: What are the main threats? What are the possible actions and protections? Which cybersecurity profiles do you need?


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Edmond Kean

by Edmond Kean