Cooptalis group to disrupt HR data standards with an ethical and talent-centric CV library which accelerates the recruiter’s performance


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Cooptalis group to disrupt HR data standards with an ethical and talent-centric CV library which accelerates the recruiter’s performance

Marcq-en-Baroeul, May 16th, 2022Cooptalis, a leader in international recruitment and professional talent mobility, announces the launch of its ethical CV library within its digital ecosystem ANYWR. Based on an unprecedented protection of candidates, valuing their experience and skills and integrating their new "Future of work" aspirations, this CV database aims to be more attentive to Talents while giving everyone a chance. The planned anonymization prevents any discrimination based on gender, age, origin, location, or degree. Anything that would be a bias of prejudice is eliminated. This new approach of candidate database increases the number and variety of relevant profiles for a position. It provides a response to talents shortage challenge in under pressure industries, while promoting diversity within companies and organizations.

"With its ethical CV library - accessible via the ANYWR.IO, platforms and our premium subscription ANYWR PACKS - Cooptalis offers a new approach to the concept of a talent pool. Where other platforms and large social networks disclose candidates information quite freely (freelance platforms, LinkedIn etc.), we protect thousands of candidates by defending their interests with the responsibility of a talent agent. Only desired connections will result in the sharing of complete candidate information, directly or through us. In addition, we enable our responsible clients to meet their diversity, equal opportunity, and CSR challenges. At Cooptalis, we keep confidential as long as possible the communication of the criteria considered discriminating. In 2022, only skills, state of mind and experience should count. Schooling, graduation, experience in certain large companies, place of birth or native language should no longer be a factor in judging a collaboration", explains Alexandre Morel, CTO of Cooptalis. He adds: "Our ambition is to become a new alternative to social networks and platforms that lock up talent and companies in the boxes of a bygone era. »


A CV library that considers new flexibilities


For its CV database, Cooptalis has opted for an approach that puts Talents and their aspirations at the heart of its thinking. The result is a unique CV library that integrates new data related to mobility, collaboration modes, new forms of work (telecommuting, nomadism, international freelancing, etc.), new contract formats (freelance, temporary, part-time, slashing, portage) and Talents' expectations (employer ethics, packages, QWL, etc.). In other words? a CV database in line with the changes in the world of work and made possible by Cooptalis' own expertise.


The first fully international CV database


Where most of the major platforms on the market offer candidates available by location, with local talents for local jobs, Cooptalis opens up the field of possibilities with truly new candidates. More than 100,000 international and national talents are registered on our platforms, including 6,000 "open to work", and most of them are profiles that are totally new to the countries where Cooptalis clients are located. Our international DNA, coupled with our 360° HR expertise in recruitment and international mobility, allows Cooptalis to offer qualified talent in Europe, Canada, and Africa, as well as in Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Morocco, and India.


For example, if the talent is ready to move to another country or city, their profile will be included in the recruiter's search. They will not be excluded by default on the basis of their current place of residence, and Cooptalis will be able to assist them with immigration and relocation if they wish, or with remote freelancing if the company allows it.


The first CV library aligned with new trends at work


In the same logic and considering the context of new forms of work and the aspirations expressed by Talents following the health crisis, the Cooptalis CV library is shaking up the usual habits. It lists profiles that are open to remote work (nationally and internationally) or to digital nomadism (Open to remote). The CV library also allows candidates to specify which type of collaboration they are ready for: employee or freelance (Open to freelance). In 2022, indicating that a profile is "open to workt" seems very insufficient in front of the wishes expressed by Talents.


The first CV library based solely on skills


Cooptalis also innovates in the display of training courses and takes the bold step of not displaying candidates' pedigrees in favor of highlighting their technical skills and human qualities (hard and soft skills). The emphasis on skills rather than education is a response to the proliferation of schools and certifications of varying degrees of reliability, a new jungle for recruiters. Anonymizing diplomas opens new perspectives for more competent candidates.


100% anonymous CVs, without loss of relevant information


As part of its ethical approach and in line with its corporate mission, Cooptalis has opted for an anonymous CV library to protect candidates from prejudice and discrimination and thus promote equal opportunities for all and accelerate diversity. Discrimination in hiring and the lack of diversity it brings are now recognized as real factors of economic underperformance. In its September 2019 report, the renowned international firm Gardner already made the following observation "The difference in employee performance between non-diverse and diverse organizations is 12% (...). Having teams that are diverse in terms of age, gender, race and ethnicity, or geographic and national culture reflects the very broad user base that companies have. This then allows the organization to better serve its consumers”.


Thus, no photo, no information related to marital status, gender, origin, physical appearance, or age is directly accessible. Nevertheless, the CV database offers recruiters all the information they need to identify relevant candidates. For example, the expertise of candidates is apparent, but it is captured at 10 years, providing no clues as to age, which remains one of the main biases of discrimination in employment3.


The Cooptalis CV library is offered via our platforms: &  or in our subscriptions - digital service packs.


About Cooptalis


Since 2012, Cooptalis has been recruiting, relocating and training international talents for companies around the world. Cooptalis provides digital and expert solutions to companies in their search for rare talents and supports talents in their professional mobility projects. Selected among the 120 most promising startups in France, #French Tech120, Cooptalis has a unique position in its market thanks to a complete range of HR solutions: talent recruitment and headhunting - via a wide choice of employment vehicles (Cooptalis SPOT), mobility solutions (Cooptalis MOVE) and training (Cooptalis GROW). With 20 agencies in 14 countries, Cooptalis benefits from an expert presence and a global talent pool. Already more than 4000 companies and 30,000 talents have put their trust in Cooptalis’ services for their life changes. Cooptalis is an innovative and responsible digital company, committed to its communities, that puts its expertise and solutions at the service of social integration and diversity projects. Cooptalis has recently adopted a social enterprise status. Find out more Discover our latest news


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