Cooptalis announces the launch of ANYWR.IO


Sophie Lavergne

Cooptalis announces the launch of ANYWR.IO

Marcq-en-Baroeul, October 11, 2021


Cooptalis, leader in the recruitment and mobility of International Talents, is expanding its digital presence at high speed. In the wake of IZYFREELANCE (freelance recruitment) and SOFTALIS (SaaS talent management solution), the group launched ANYWR.IO on October 11. The first global digital platform, 100% dedicated to recruiting international IT talent (expatriation, offshore, long-distance freelancing, mobility, etc.).

The demand for IT talent is exploding in the face of long-lasting skills shortage, particularly noteworthy in Europe and North America. Cooptalis Group, specializing in international recruitment solutions, is structured both digitally and on site to increase its recruitment talent pools, locally support talents and to respond ever more quickly to the urgent needs of its clients.

ANYWR.IO: work from anywhere, go anywhere

ANYWR.IO (pronounced Eniweə(r) ) is the digital essence of what has made Cooptalis so successful for the past 9 years, and can be summed up in a few words:

  • ANYWORK (all type of mission)
  • ANYWAY (all employment options)
  • ANYWHERE (all countries).

The ".IO" marks the platform's focus on the IT universe.

Through the platform, IT talents from all over the world are presented with exclusive missions by reputable companies and by innovative SMEs established in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.) or in Canada. The strength of the concept is that the candidate can specify HOW and WITH WHO he wishes to work. The strength of the Cooptalis Group is to master and customize employment options and associated mobility solutions.

The main added value of the platform lies in its flexibility: the candidates will be able to choose the working method that tempts them the most: freelance, EOR, short term contract / permanent contract, IT outsourcing Cooptalis (Cooptalis Services), temporary contracts ... The talents can also specify if and when they wish to reach the target country (in which case Cooptalis will take care of their mobility and that of their relatives, both in terms of administrative procedures and of their relocation).

The talents registered on the platform can decide to practice slashing (multi-job), to become digital nomads (and work from Mexico for example) or to start a remote mission as a freelance during the trial period, before embarking on the great adventure of an expatriation project.

A pressure relief on IT jobs market

While the number of IT positions to be filled is exploding in many countries around the world (and notably in France), most of the recruitment players (HR and HR Tech) are focusing on the local hunt for local jobs, tirelessly seeking the same talents, as both the complexity of remote management and mobility rightly frighten HR Managers. The strength of Cooptalis Group is to have developed and mastered all mobility services, the processes and the procedures to make them transparent, both for companies and candidates. Therefore, a world of opportunities opens up to all companies for which diversity and cultural openness are part of their values.


“Before Covid, some of our large European clients were still hesitant about recruiting non-French speaking international talent and did not wish to broaden their search to uniquely English-speaking profiles, coming from afar. Today the pressure is even more intense. The demographics will intensify the talent crunch in developed countries and national solutions will be necessary but mathematically insufficient. With Cooptalis and ANYWR.IO we are opening up new opportunities for companies thanks to regular flows of thousands of unique CVs, in France, Belgium or Canada and talents motivated to work quickly” explains Mehdi Bekkai, VP Product Marketing at Cooptalis.”


A major building block of Cooptalis digital ecosystem

Cooptalis is leading the way as a key player in French HR tech (French Tech 120) by designing smart and connected solutions around its global talent pool.

With IZYFREELANCE, in only 2 years, Cooptalis rose to the podium of freelance recruitment platforms in France thanks to its simplicity, a local support team and innovative services offered to freelancers.

With ANYWR.IO, Cooptalis is strengthening its historic core business: the recruitment and mobility support of international IT talents, via any employment vehicle (permanent employment, offshore, IT outsourcing, freelance, etc.), in all locations and formats (full or part-time, remotely, geographically mobile, etc.)

Behind these first two platforms, a unique technological environment: SOFTALIS, a Talent Management Platform (TMP) accessible in SaaS. Softalis offers a recruiters portal, a field support portal, a mobile app and a talent portal, as well as expert tools to streamline the management of procedures. All the elements to simplify and automate support for all talent journeys, from the simplest to the most complex.


About Cooptalis

Since 2012, Cooptalis has been recruiting, relocating and training international talents for companies around the world. Cooptalis provides digital and expert solutions to companies in their rapid search for rare talents and supports talents in their professional mobility projects. Selected among the 120 most promising startups in France, #French Tech120, Cooptalis has a unique position in its market thanks to a complete range of HR solutions: talent recruitment and headhunting - via a wide choice of employment vehicles (Cooptalis SPOT), mobility solutions (Cooptalis MOVE) and training (Cooptalis GROW). With 20 agencies in 14 countries, Cooptalis benefits from an expert presence and a global talent pools. Already more than 4000 companies and 30,000 talents have put their trust in Cooptalis’ services for their professional and life changes. Cooptalis is an innovative and responsible digital company, committed to its communities, that puts its expertise and solutions at the service of social integration and diversity projects. Find out more: - Find our latest news



Sophie Lavergne

Sophie Lavergne

by Sophie Lavergne