Anywr Group presents its "Cap 2025" plan

Anywr, a leader in global professional mobility, presents its "Cap 2025" plan for a new dynamic with a strengthened financial structure

Wasquehal, February 13, 2024 – Specializing in international recruitment and professional mobility (relocation and immigration), the Anywr group was founded in 2012 with a key idea: "talents have no borders." In a rapidly growing sector (+15%), the group, a member of the FrenchTech 120, is composed of 900 employees worldwide, including 400 in France, serving the largest French and international companies. With the support of renowned shareholders (Naxicap and Eurazeo) and renegotiation with financial partners, Anywr presents its "Cap 2025" plan to adapt to the evolving and booming market demands of its clients.



Unique positioning in a thriving sector

Recruitment outsourcing is growing by +15% annually, presenting new challenges and increasing complexity for companies (globalization, diversity, talent retention). +70% of companies face difficulties in recruitment, especially in technologies such as data, cybersecurity, and digital. In life sciences, 80% of companies have "urgent" recruitment needs.

To address the diverse needs of its clients, Anywr has developed a unique positioning by offering 4 integrated services: consulting (technical assistance) and specialized recruitment (IT & tech, engineering, life sciences, audit & finance, banking & insurance, hospitality & catering, sales & digital, etc.); international mobility (expatriation, relocation, talent immigration); and international talent training.

"Cap 2025": A strategic plan for more agility and performance

Growing since its establishment in 2012, the group has completed 12 acquisitions and 3 fundraisings in 10 years, and now presents its new strategic plan to serve its 4,000 client companies.

ACCELERATE CONSULTING: As a historical partner of Digital Service Companies (DSC) for their consultant needs, the group aims to strengthen these partnerships and expand its clientele to all companies requiring consultants in IT and life sciences.

CONSOLIDATE RECRUITMENT: This growing activity is strengthened by the integration in 2023 of the Solantis group, allowing Anywr to offer the highest levels of quality and expertise in international recruitment (excellence label from Cercle Magellan in January 2024) and enabling clients to access a larger pool of talents in high-demand professions.

PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE OFFERING OF INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY SERVICES: Establishment of a team of international experts (expatriation, relocation, immigration, taxation) to cover all mobility needs worldwide for clients, while ensuring a certified quality of services with the expertise of local agencies and group partners.

DEVELOP SYNERGIES: The group strengthens synergies between its activities (consulting, recruitment, and international mobility) and its 23 offices in 16 countries (Europe, America, Asia, Africa) to provide more services to clients through its 360° global and local HR offering.

GAIN PERFORMANCE AND AGILITY: To meet these new challenges, in line with its digital DNA, Anywr combines human expertise with innovative solutions and internally developed technological platforms (Anywr managers, etc.). Team agility internationally is enhanced through more collaborative workshops (professions, country managers) to share expertise and offer the most efficient services to clients.

STRENGTHEN THE FINANCIAL STRUCTURE: This new dynamic is supported by the group's shareholders and key partners. An Accelerated Financial Safeguard* was also initiated for the holding company Cooptalis, by the Commercial Court of Lille Métropole on February 12, 2024. This very short-term measure aims to adopt a plan involving a significant injection of equity and the restructuring of financial debts incurred due to the Covid crisis of 2020/2021 and the economic slowdown of 2022/2023. This will strengthen the group's financial structure and implement the "Cap 2025" plan under the best conditions.


"Nothing of all that we have accomplished in 10 years would have been possible without our teams and the support of our shareholders, FrenchTech, and our partners by our side since the beginning.Our "Cap 2025" plan aims to quickly gain competitiveness and should allow us to strengthen the leadership of our 360° HR offering to build with our clients and talents the world of tomorrow," emphasizes Jean-Manuel Cros, CEO of the group.


*Accelerated Financial Safeguard (different from regular safeguard): This very rapid procedure (1 to 3 months) focuses only on financial creditors (not suppliers). It allows for the quick renegotiation of financial debts under the protection of the Commercial Court, with the agreement of a majority of partners.

About Anywr

Since 2012, Anywr is an international group, expert in recruitment, consulting, immigration, and relocation, for compagnies and Talents. The group offers a unique range of HR solutions which allow companies to find the best candidates wherever they are, and support Talents during their immigration and relocation processes. This offer is leveraged by an amazing field of “sur-mesure” solutions: from direct hire and RPO, consulting and portage, to immigration, relocation, and taxation services. With 23 agencies in 16 countries, Anywr benefits from expert local presence and a pool of global talents. Driven by values of commitment, diversity, audacity, and pleasure, Anywr is an innovative and responsible digital company, committed to its communities, using its expertise and solutions to support social integration and diversity projects. Anywr adopted the French “Entreprise à Mission”status (Pacte Law) in June 2021. Learn more: Discover our news:



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