Anywr announces Exit from Accelerated Safeguard Procedure and Appointment of Laurent Perriault as CEO

Anywr announces Exit from Accelerated Safeguard Procedure and Appointment of Laurent Perriault as CEO

Lille, France – April 16, 2024 Anywr a French international group specializing in the global talent mobility and international recruitment, announces today its exit from the accelerated safeguard procedure in which it had been placed since February 12, 2024. This positive judgment was made by the Lille Métropole Commercial Court on April 12.


This decisive turn comes after a period marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the tense economic context of 2022/2023. In the face of these challenges, ANYWR has shown resilience, adopting effective recovery strategies. The implementation of the accelerated safeguard procedure allowed ANYWR to freeze its banking debts and financially restructure. The group has benefited from the support of its shareholders, partners, and employees, all of whom contributed to the success of the measures taken.


A New Beginning for ANYWR

With the validation of the exit from the accelerated safeguard procedure, Anywr is now able to open a new chapter in its history and focus on its future. The company has already put in place an ambitious development plan aimed at returning to growth and strengthening its position in the market of international talent mobility.

To lead this new phase, Anywr will rely on the arrival of a new CEO, Laurent Perriault, who will take office on May 13. With substantial expertise in management and expansion of companies both nationally and internationally, Laurent Perriault's mission will be to revitalize the company and reclaim its leading position in the sector.


Confidence and Optimism for the Future

"I am very pleased to announce the new momentum taken by ANYWR with the closure of the accelerated safeguard procedure," says Jean-Manuel Cros (Interim CEO). "This decision marks a new beginning for the company, which is now able to focus on its future and continue its growth. I am convinced that the new CEO, Laurent Perriault, will lead ANYWR to new successes. The company has solid strengths, notably a talented team and recognized expertise in the field of international talent mobility. I am eager for the teams and the company to regain their leading position.



About Anywr

Anywr is a French international group specializing in the global Talent mobility and international recruitment. The company supports businesses in the search and integration of international talent, offering a complete range of services from sourcing to settlement. Anywr has a network of over 300 consultants in 16 countries. A member of the FrenchTech 120, the group is now composed of nearly 900 employees worldwide, with 400 in France, serving the largest French and international groups. Anywr is an innovative and responsible company, committed to its communities, which puts its expertise and solutions at the service of social integration projects and diversity. ANYWR has adopted the status of a Mission-led Company (Loi Pacte) since June 2021.

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