3 tips for effective recruitment



3 tips for effective recruitment

Amongst companies and organisations, it is currently estimated that recruiting candidates for management positions is a difficult process in more than a quarter of all cases. This figure, combined with the recession we are currently going through, underlines the challenges and difficulties companies face in hiring the right candidate. So what's the best way to deal with them? 

Having an aligned vision: HR – Manager – Team


We too often find that the various participants in the recruitment process are not aligned. This can be the case with respect to the target candidate profile, with respect to the duties and responsibilities of the role, or with respect to both. It can have a considerable negative impact on the success of the recruitment process.It is therefore important to get all the participants around a table beforehand and together define the job title, the duties and responsibilities of the role, and the details of the target candidate profile.


And do not be reluctant to regularly revisit these aspects to ensure everyone is still on the same page. Criteria can change and alter as the search for a candidate progresses, and it is essential to share them with all participants in the process.


Avoiding the cloning trap


Make sure you ask yourself the right questions prior to beginning the search:
Is a well-rounded team heterogeneous or homogeneous?What kind of balance do you require within the team?Do you need to recruit a candidate with a typical industry profile or someone who can bring a fresh perspective and question the usual ways of doing things?          

These questions help you better define the candidate profile you are looking for, thus enabling you to carry out the search and the different phases of the candidate selection process more efficiently and effectively. So do not be reluctant to use the type of assessment tools that enable you to objectively evaluate a candidate's potential, in terms of fitting in well with the team and the motivations and forces that drive it. 


Have a good command of the trade sought


The battle to recruit the best talent is well and truly underway, and this is nothing new of course!Approaching a candidate in the wrong way can drastically reduce the chances of a successful recruitment outcome. It is therefore essential to make a good first impression. Inadequate understanding of the skills and technical environment will lead the candidate to say to himself/herself: "He/she hasn't read my profile," which will leave them with a negative image of the company. In fact, knowledge of both the sector and the profession itself is required for all job roles and profiles.

If you are new to the process, check candidate profiles with operational staff or delegate the task to a specialised recruitment company.This will improve your success rate when approaching new candidates and help build your brand image.  

As you will have no doubt understood, finding the right candidate for a given post is a process beset with difficulties.Knowing the market, working with the right tools and surrounding yourself with experts able to properly manage the recruitment process are the keys to successful recruitment and long-term retention of candidates.        

So why not get our team of experts to support and work with you in finding the talent you require? Speak to us about your recruitment issues and requirements today!


by Maude