183 Children Find Their Ideal School Abroad with Anywr's Expert Advice

Textbook case : 183 children find their ideal school thanks to expert advice from Anywr’s relocation specialists

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Wasquehal, August 31st 2023. Anywr, a key player in international recruitment and talent mobility via tailored digital solutions, is scoring a major coup this year by helping 183 young expatriates find their school in their new adopted country. Capitalizing on their relocation expertise and extensive local knowledge, Anywr's teams make the school search process as easy as child's play, paving the way for a first-class education.


Every year, many expatriate families face the complex challenge of finding a suitable school for their children in a foreign country. This exhausting and stressful step requires a thorough understanding of the education system, language and culture. Anywr solves this problem by offering customized solutions that considerably simplify this crucial phase of international mobility.


For the past 10 years, Anywr has been assisting Talents with their mobility, offering services ranging from obtaining the relevant visa, to finding accommodation and job-search assistance for spouses. Anywr also benefits from a strong local presence on 4 continents, enabling the group to draw on its own teams in 28 local branches and their networks of partners. Anywr has also put in place tailor-made service offerings and agile methods to enable local experts to rapidly adapt and respond to customer needs. As a member of EURA, SNPRM and Cercle Magellan, Anywr aims to go beyond international standards to provide excellent expatriation services to its customers and Talents.


Anywr's relocation consultants, with their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local ecosystem, guide families through the complex relocation process. They understand the specific needs of each family and put in place tailor-made solutions to facilitate their smooth transition. When it comes to children's education, Anywr's relocation consultants work closely with parents to identify the schools that best match each child's educational needs.


"We're proud to announce that thanks to the expertise of our relocation consultants, we've managed to secure quality education for 183 expatriate children this year, including." said Isabelle Prémont, Chief International Mobility and Development Officer at Anywr. "Our dedicated team works tirelessly to facilitate families' integration into their new living environment by ensuring that children have access to the best educational opportunities."


The success of an expatriation depends on many factors, and the successful integration of children into their new environment is an essential one. If children are happy and settled into their studies, parents can concentrate more easily on their professional goals and free their minds from the stress of their children's well-being.


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