Nearshore Offer

What if you outsourced your technical projects to us while reducing your costs?

Proud of 10 years of experience collaborating with the largest IT companies around the world, Anywr Solutions just launched its first service and skills center in Tunisia.

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3 key reasons to choose our IT outsourcing solution:

  • 1/ Launch new projects quickly and cost-effectively with an experienced, responsive and reliable partner in offshore & IT services.
  • 2/ Benefit from highly qualified technical experts who can work exclusively for your projects and be managed as if they were your in-house department (ability to modify resource allocation, change priorities, etc.)
  • 3/ Increase your operational productivity while controlling your costs and the quality delivered (zero bug policy), all in a secure environment.


Our Nearshore offers

Time & Materials

You already have an in-house team but need additional resources or rare skills to finalize your project? 

Our " Time & Materials " offer is made for you and adapts to your needs.


  • Flexible delegation of resources according to your needs
  • Possibility of changing the specifications along the way
  • Cost depends on the hours/days worked by our Talents

Fixed Price

You have defined your IT project but you lack the resources to develop your product?

With our "fixed price" offer, we provide you with IT Talents who execute precise predefined missions.


  • Project specifications and budget set in advance 
  • Guarantee of delivery on the agreed date
  • Possibility of making changes through amendments


You have determined the specifics of your IT project but do not have a team to carry it out?

Entrust Anywr Solution with the realization of your project. We provide you with IT experts who work exclusively on your project.


  • Total control of the client and management of our Talents as if they were their own resources
  • Possible change in priorities and resource allocation
  • Competitive cost depending on resources allocated

Services covering all your needs


Product development

Web development

Embedded development

Mobile Development

Quality control and testing services

System Integration

ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.)

CMS (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.)

ECM (Microsoft, Atlassian, etc.)

EDM (Microsoft, Zoho, etc.)

Project Management

PMO Services

MOA/MOE Services

Project Management Services

Technology Services

Big Data


Machine learning

Mobile & IOT

Payment system

Information system

Risk and compliance management

Secure system

Business Process Services

Business Process Management

Business Data Management

Business Process Outsourcing

Anywr Solutions' clients


Contact us and let's define together your IT outsourcing needs.

Let us support you in the growth of your company by outsourcing some of your technical projects to us.

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