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Because each project is unique,

Anywr innovates every day to make it a success.


Understanding of IT evolutions

  • We have a perfect knowledge of your IT needs thanks to a permanent technological monitoring and an anticipation of the trends and evolutions. Avoid compromises by retaining only true experts in the challenges you face.

Perfect match

  • We work on a complete and fast adequacy between your project and the know-how/being of our consultants both on the technical level but also in the human and cultural adaptation of the profiles to your professional context (soft skills, methods).

International Consultants

  • Because rare skills are not all national, our Talents come from our Anywr pools of experts based locally or internationally. We take care of their mobility from A to Z if the project requires it. They can also work remotely on your projects for even greater flexibility.

Our 9 services to boost your projects

Fixed price project

Your IT project is framed, clearly defined and requires one or more IT Talents to integrate your team. We help you to find the experts who will be available, ready, trained and integrated at the start date and for the desired period.

Service center

You need technical reinforcements to help you punctually, to maintain systems, to carry out regular tasks or processes ? We can help you to define shared or dedicated remote resources.

Remote project team

In a context where remote working has become a standard for many IT projects, we offer you the availability of collaborators from our network who can intervene immediately from more than 10 countries on your project.

Single technical assistance

Are you looking for maximum agility for projects with high iteration, multiple batches and less predictable roadmap? Do you have an urgent replacement to make or a reinforcement to finish a sprint? We offer you the services of collaborators available for several days or weeks on a full or part-time basis, while preserving maximum agility and without time constraints.

Team organization consulting

Do you need advice on how to define the most relevant and priority profiles for your project? Advice on how to organize your team? We can help you build your winning team model and the most suitable staffing formats.

Fast-track training

Thanks to our grow team, we have an internal training center that can quickly complete a skill required of a team member to participate in your project. This can be a technical, language, cultural or methodological skill specific to your company or project.

Bundle technical assistance

Do you need a team built from scratch, or even a pilot to build / launch your project? Do you need a reactive, flexible and immediately operational team to carry out an unexpected opportunity? We build a complete team adapted to the specificities of your challenge.

International mobility of Talents

Talents you need are not found quickly enough in your country? We identify these Talents in our 10 countries and fully organize their professional mobility (immigration, relocation, reception), their training (language and cultural) if necessary to complete your team in time.

Total access to Anywr Pack

Real-time information for HR managers via alerts, email and/or sms on the progress of candidate procedures.

  • Regular follow-up with a single contact person
  • Simplified management of all HR processes 
  • Digital Services with Anywr Pack

  • Global Presence

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