White Paper Anywr: Only just over one in three companies in France, has fully integrated diversity into its recruitment practices

White Paper Anywr: Only just over one in three companies in France, has fully integrated diversity into its recruitment practices


Wasquehal, January 30 2024The Anywr Group, a key player in international recruitment services and professional mobility for talents, unveils the results of its in-depth study on diversity in the workplace. The survey provides an overview of trends, challenges, and opportunities related to the recruitment of workers from diverse backgrounds.


In a constantly evolving professional landscape, diversity becomes an essential strategic asset. Anywr's study sheds light on the concrete impact of diversity on the labor market and how companies are adapting to this new reality.


Towards more inclusion and diversity in the workplace?

  • Nearly 75% of recruiters believe they are doing their best to tailor and open their recruitment to audiences from diverse backgrounds.
  • 48% of HR directors believe that recruiting workers from diverse backgrounds enhances the brand image of their company. Companies actively seek to communicate their commitment to diversity to attract talent and retain their clientele.


Senior talents, international talents, and individuals with disabilities: Sought-after profiles

  • Although 56% of HR managers and directors indicate that these employees represent only 5% of their workforce, a positive trend emerges with 26% of recruiters stating that their employees from diverse backgrounds make up to 30% of their teams. These disparities highlight a gradual awareness among some employers who are more open to hiring people from social minorities.
  • For 50% of HR directors, senior workers bring added value to short-term missions. Seniors are increasingly sought after to share their expertise in specific projects, offering a balance between experience and flexibility.


Where do companies stand on the Diversity issue?

  • Only just over one in three companies in France (36%) has fully integrated diversity into its recruitment practices. Although awareness is increasing, there is still a considerable way to go to achieve total inclusivity.
  • More than 76% of recruiters feel they are not adequately informed to propose profiles of candidates from diverse backgrounds. This underscores the need for increased awareness and training programs to encourage more inclusive recruitment practices.


"At Anywr, we consider diversity as the heart of our success. I am proud of our ongoing commitment to inclusion within our own teams and our active contribution to helping our clients promote diversity within their companies. We firmly believe that diversity of perspectives is the key to innovation. That's why we strive to create an inclusive work environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. Within our teams, we celebrate differences and value every voice, recognizing that diversity strengthens our ability to tackle the complex challenges of the business world," said Jean-Manuel Cros, Acting General Manager at Anywr.


As a trusted partner, Anywr is committed to supporting its clients in their journey towards greater diversity within their companies. Understanding the unique challenges faced by organizations, Anywr works hand in hand with its clients to develop inclusive and sustainable recruitment strategies.


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*Study conducted with over 500 HR directors, business leaders, and C-level representatives from companies of all sizes.



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