Cooptalis buys Expat Partners

Cooptalis buys Expat Partners

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Marcq-en-Baroeul, 28 September 2021

Cooptalis, the digital leader in the recruitment and mobility of international talent, announces the acquisition of Expat Partners, a company specialising in professional immigration. Cooptalis is thus taking a new step in its development and strengthening its global footprint.

The demand for international talent is exploding in the face of a long-lasting shortage, particularly in Europe and North America. The specialised group is structuring itself to multiply its recruitment pools and to respond faster to the demand of its clients.

Offering the digital platforms for international recruitment (Izyfreelance, Softalis, soon and others to come) and Cooptalis' entire portfolio of expert services (all of the legal facets of recruitment, long-distance freelancing, mobility, training, etc.) on new markets is one of the strategic growth areas of the group, whose approach to HR services combines proximity via local agencies and the development of specialised digital platforms.

The acquisition of Expat Partners allows Cooptalis to expand its presence and talent pools in India and China. These countries are both areas for sourcing talent (particularly in IT) and strategic development and expatriation territories for European, North American and African companies and clients.

"There are significant synergies between our two companies, particularly in deploying Cooptalis' offer in new markets such as India and China, where Expat Partners has a strong presence. Cooptalis will thus be able to offer its digital platforms and its full range of expert services (recruitment, mobility, taxation, relocation and training) in these new territories, drawing on Expat Partners' excellence and expertise with numerous partners and clients. Cooptalis will also be able to offer Expat Partners' services in new regions through its own network of clients and candidates, thus multiplying synergies. Cooptalis is thus pursuing its growth policy, which combines new local branches with the development of specialised digital platforms", comments Olivier Desurmont, founder and CEO of Cooptalis.

"Driven by the same sense of excellence in service, Cooptalis' 360° offer will enable us to better serve our clients and meet their needs in the complete management of their talents, particularly their recruitment challenges. Our DNA will not change and we will keep the proximity that is our strength while benefiting from Cooptalis' dimension and digital strength" adds Fiona Mougenot, founder and CEO of Expat Partners.
Expat Partners, employs 23 people, with a turnover of €1.8 million in 2020.

After the Covid period, this acquisition marks the active continuation of the company's external growth strategy. Expat Partners is the fifth company to join the group in the last 3 years in the international mobility sector. Cooptalis has already successfully integrated Link Mobility in 2018, and in 2019 three local leaders in immigration and relocation solutions: The Map in Belgium and Luxembourg, Maroc Intégration in Morocco and Fleur de Lys in Canada. Cooptalis is now present in 13 countries: Morocco, Luxembourg, Vietnam, Canada, Netherlands, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Romania, Belgium, France, India and China.

About Cooptalis

Since 2012, Cooptalis has been recruiting, relocating and training mainly international talent for companies around the world. Cooptalis provides digitalized and expert answers to companies in their rapid search for rare talents and supports talents in their mobility and professional flexibility projects. Selected as one of the 120 most promising startups in France, #French Tech120, Cooptalis has a unique position in its market thanks to a complete range of HR solutions: recruitment and talent hunting, via a wide choice of HR solutions (Cooptalis SPOT), mobility solutions (Cooptalis MOVE) and training (Cooptalis GROW). With 16 branches in 10 countries, Cooptalis has an expert presence and a global talent pool. More than 4,000 companies have already placed their trust in Cooptalis and 30,000 talents have used the services to change their lives. Cooptalis is an innovative and responsible digital company, committed to its communities, which puts its expertise and solutions at the service of social integration and diversity projects. To find out more about Cooptalis: - Read our latest news


About Expat Partners

Expat Partners is a firm of experts, founded in 2003 and specialised in immigration services, both for France and internationally, covering 90 countries.With more than 15 years of experience in professional immigration, offices in India and China and a worldwide network of partners, Expat Partners can provide solutions in terms of professional or individual immigration.
The team of multilingual consultants is one of the most experienced in the market, known for their responsiveness and support, ensuring that companies are compliant and on time.