Employer's brand : an unmissable hiring strategy


Julie Leprohon

Employer's brand : an unmissable hiring strategy

Talents have numerous opportunities, offers multiply and not only in penurious sectors such as IT or Life Sciences. The unemployment is falling (for the 4th semester of 2022, the unemployment rate was of 7.2%) and the job market has much to offer. A great news indeed, but it does imply that companies have to think harder to find ways to attract and retain good candidates, for this, all means are good because Talents now have new criteria.

Recruiting cost a lot, as much in terms of money than in terms of time, so to optimize the resources, it is paramount for companies to retain their collaborators. But when you’re trying to enlarge or renew your teams, Recruiting is necessary. To attract good candidates, you need to find the benefits that will make the difference. In this process, corporations try to develop their employer brand, otherwise called HR marketing.

In the era of the search for quality of life at work and meaning in our everyday life, many feel ready to review their salary criteria downwards to thrive in their jobs.

Pleasant working environment, professional growth and benefits in kind, let’s see the employer brand’s different levers popular in 2023 put in place to retain or attract Talents.



A pleasant working environment

This life quality at work starts by pleasant and warm offices. Initiated by startups and big groups in Silicon Valley, aesthetic, pleasant and welcoming offices are taking over on classical open-spaces.

It is always preferable to evolve in a pleasant, fulfilling and that encourages meetings working space. Working in well-arranged and warming offices becomes more and more important for employees.

The difference can sometimes be made on the localization of the offices: a well-served area, easy to reach and surrounded by different catering services. Those elements, sometimes considered as negligible, will have their impact in the final decision of a candidate, just like in the pleasure of an employee coming to the office.



Offices are great but not every day

We see it every day, telework is a real gain of time for employees. It’s the end of losing time in traffic jams or on journeys in general. Offer to your employees the possibility to work some days per week from their place and you will mark a lot of points. Again, this solution has a direct impact on the employees’ everyday life. By sometimes working from their place, you offer your employees the possibility to manage their working time as well as their free time, an excellent way to blend their personal and professional lives.



The salary doesn't make everything...

The appeal of luncheon vouchers can also be a selling point. A lot of candidates take that kind of benefits into account in their choice of companies. With the same logic, get reimbursed some fees such as a gym subscription or work equipment can attract or retain your Talents. Those savings will sometimes be determinant in the candidate’s decision; they will be more inclined to accept a proposal even if the salary isn’t the one they aimed for in the beginning. Those benefits offer a real advantage for your employees.



What if we only worked 4-days per week?

A really hot subject, the 4-days week is debated within companies. Recently adopted by our Belgian neighbors and tested on a big scale by our English friend, the 4-days week, in its most popular format, offers a reduction of the working time with the same salary. This solution has the effect of delighting many employees without lessening the productivity or sales, on the contrary; the employees’ productivity is raised by 29% on average. If you practice this model, it is paramount to push it forward, because it certainly weights on the candidates’ decision. Nevertheless, this solution is still in testing, it is not a miracle solution to every problem in the company. A lot of characteristics come into play in the establishment and the success of the 4-days week.



A need for mobility

One of the main reasons that pushes an employee to quit their job is their need for evolution, for change or simply to go somewhere else, be it another city or another country, a lot of them wish to move at one point or another.

To attract new candidates, just like to retain your employees, offering them possibilities of mobility is a huge asset. This way, a person will be able to effectuate their whole career, evolve and thrive within your company.

We also evoked expatriation, and it’s not for nothing, offer the possibility to go work from another city or another country seduce more and more. For that, companies offering some mobility solutions for their employees exist.



Values and Quality of life at work : important factors for Talents

A strong feeling of belonging for maximum engagement

Develop a strong feeling of belonging is paramount, the leading sports equipment retail company understood that. The brand focused on their values and commitments, allowing an employee to feel like a full-fledged member of the group. That way, the feeling of belonging is strong; employees that are engaged and proud of belonging to their company are efficient and involved employees.

This strategy is an excellent way to fight against the phenomenon of “quiet quitting”, a term that designates passive and disengaged employees who don’t want to do more than necessary, that are content to do their job but not more.


Ecology isn't a trend.

New generations are more and more sensitive to environmental subject. A company with a strong CSR policy can make a real difference in the Talent’s choice.

Highlighting your CSR actions and commitments is a big asset because it testifies that you care about the environment, which will make it easier for a potential employee to join the company.


Sport at work ?

In France, 59% of employees estimate that too little measures are put in place by companies to encourage the practice of sport. This lack of initiative is due to a lack of knowledge from the companies about the feasibility of such project. In reality, some organisms can help a company to organize some collective sport sessions in their working place.

This initiative promotes group cohesion, fulfillment at work, limits burn-outs and above that, it is a brake on sedentary lifestyle imposed by our jobs.




Offices quality, additional services or prestation, or new opportunities: companies innovate to answer to the Talents’ always growing expectations. The setting of these different strategies will be an asset and a real boost for your recruitment.


Julie Leprohon

by Julie Leprohon